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What is the best Clarity score?

A Clarity score of 100 is not the best result. Hold on with us. 

We can’t pinpoint a specific number and say that this is the Clarity score golden standard for all designs. Of course, the higher, the better, but only up to a point. Your design should serve a purpose. It should help to reach the main design goal, whether it is to inform viewers or to prompt them to take a specific action. Once you start sabotaging the functionality of a design or its optimization towards the main design goal, it is a point to stop optimizing its clarity. 

You shouldn’t sacrifice functionality or the purpose of the design for a bigger Clarity score number. 

However, most of the time, there is plenty of ways to improve your design’s clarity without sacrificing those things. Also, depending on the design and its purpose, each design might have a different optimal Clarity score. It is why we show optimal clarity ranges. In addition, different design types have different optimal clarity ranges. 

Here are optimal clarity ranges for different types of design:

  • Landing page (Web): 60-95
  • Ecommerce pages (Web): 58-80
  • News and Media pages (Web): 50-80
  • Other pages (Web): 57-95
  • Mobile pages (Web): 57-95
  • Marketing Material: 57-95

If you exceed the maximum optimal range value, it means that you definitely oversimplified the design.

Depending on the design, each design has a slightly different maximum clarity value up to which it can be optimized. Not with all designs you can reach a score of 95 or even 90. However, if you reach a Clarity score of 70 or higher with your Ecommerce or New/Media site design, we can assure you that you’re doing a superb job. The same applies to all other listed design types that reach an 80 or higher Clarity score.