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Ensure Top-notch Design Performance & Drive the Best Results by Testing Your Design Now With Photoshop Plugin!

In just a few easy clicks, generate attention heatmaps directly in Photoshop to see the most noticeable parts of your design.

Use Cases for Attention Insight Photoshop Plugin

Assess Your Design Visibility

AI-generated heatmaps showing warm to cold colors, indicate which design parts get the most (or the least) viewer’s attention. Based on these insights, you make the right changes and deliver high-end results.

Boost the Conversion Rate

Quite frequently viewers only notice people’s faces in the design, without seeing the essence of advertisement – the product. That’s not what you aim for, right?
See your conversion rate gain by foreseeing the best color, text, size, CTA positioning solutions beforehand with AI Heatmap.

Validate Changes

In just a few seconds learn if the changes you have done in design, lead your customer towards expected results.

Not sure how to download, install and use Photoshop plugin?

Attention Insight plugin for Photoshop

How to Use Attention Insight Plugin for Photoshop

Questions? We have answers

This plugin is compatible with the newest Photoshop versions.
Warmer colors indicate places that get more user’s attention. Cooler colors indicate places that get a little bit less attention, and where there are no colored spots, those places don’t get the viewer’s attention or get it just a little.
It can take up to one minute to get the results.

Heatmap generation = generates a heatmap on the Adobe Photoshop app.

Full Analysis generation (in Web App) = generates a heatmap and Clarity Score on the Attention Insight web app.