Attention Insight API

Bring the power of AI vision to your clients

Empower your clients to see how customers perceive their designs. Add functionality of generating attention heatmaps to your users' workflow via Attention Insight API.

If you want to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and your product would benefit from attention heatmaps - let’s talk.

Key benefits & features

Bring uniqueness to your product

Instantly stand out from the competitors with AI computer vision heatmaps.

Offer your clients to see through the eyes of their customers with the help of deep learning algorithms that simulate human vision. 

Make data-driven decisions

Forget the guesswork.

Check if your message, product, or CTA is visible to the user before you launch using our algorithm with eye tracking data and make better decisions.

Learn how users perceive your design

Get attention data with ease

Integrate our heatmaps in your workflow to get AI-generated data instantly.

Less struggle so you can concentrate on creating value.

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