Figma plugin

Creating Impactful Design - Made Easy! Ensure the Best User Experience by Testing Your Designs Usability With Attention Insight Plugin for Figma.

Simple integration, seamless testing. Get instant feedback on your design with no need for direct user engagement nor data collection. Prove the value of your design vision easier.

Use Cases for Attention Insight Figma Plugin

Assess the Clarity of Your Design

Easily generate AI Heatmap to see where users are looking at and what design elements keep their attention. Based on its warm to cold colors, get insights into what changes you should do to improve your design for better performance.

Grow the Conversions

See the conversion rate increasing by predicting which colors, sizes, and CTA placement will work the best beforehand.

Verify Changes

Immediately know if undertaken changes in your design lead the customers towards awaited results.

Not sure how to set up and use Attention Insight plugin for Figma?

Follow our simple guide here. 

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It can take up to one minute to get the results.
Warmer colors indicate places that get more user’s attention.

Cooler colors indicate places that get a little bit less attention, and where there are no colored spots, those places don’t get the viewer’s attention or get it just a little.
Heatmap generation = generates a heatmap on Figma software.

Full Analysis generation (in Web App) = generates a heatmap and Clarity Score on the Attention Insight web app.

To find more answers to your questions, check out our knowledge base here.