Attention Insight Features

The Attention Insight platform has multiple features that enhance your decision making process.

Attention Heatmaps

Instantly create AI heatmaps with the most eye-catching parts of your design. AI heatmaps are a visual representation of data that helps you determine whether users view and observe certain elements.

The algorithm uses warm-to-cold colours to display which areas get more attention. For example, areas attracting the most attention receive warmer colours like red and yellow.

Percentage of Attention

Define an Area of Interest (AOI) that you want to test. In no time, get an exact percentage of attention that object receives.

AOIs represent objects (e.g. call-to-action buttons) that you want to test in the design.

Even though our algorithm recognizes CTA buttons automatically, other AOIs can be set by you.

Automatic Percentage of Attention

Attention Insight algorithms can already recognize CTA buttons automatically and provide an exact Percentage (%) of Attention that button received.

Moreover, our algorithms will automatically recognize and test key objects such as images and headlines in the future.

Clarity score​

Measure the clarity of your design and compare against competing designs in the same category.

Clarity score shows how clear the design is for a new user, whether it is overloaded with elements and conflicting colours or it is clean and clear. The score ranges from 1 to 100 (100 indicates maximum clean design).

Alexa Sites Rank is a benchmark of Top 170 Alexa websites gathered together. It enables Attention Insight to compare your website against your competitors in terms of clarity.

Focus Map

Make sure that users see the most critical elements of your designs.

Focus Map shows which parts of your design are noticed or missed within the first 3-5 seconds. If users can’t find what they are looking for within seconds, they’re gone.

Your design must answer three questions:

  • What is your product
  • Why should the user care about it?
  • Where should the user go next?


Answers to these questions should be visible in the focus map.

Attention Report

See your design analysis explained in detail with Attention Insight Report Feature.

Attention Insight report delivered in PDF format shows the following: introduction to the technology, Focus Map (shows which parts of your design are noticed or missed within the first 3-5 seconds), Clarity Score (clarity of your design in percentage), Attention Heatmap (shows design’s the most eye-catching parts through warm-to-cold colors), and Percentage of Attention (a percentage that each object in your design receives).

Understand all the metrics easily, get tips on how to improve your designs, and edit reports upon your needs. An editable report in PPTX format is now *available! (*Custom plan)


Compare your designs and see which solutions will perform better.

This feature lets you easily see the change in attention heatmap and focus map, as well as spot the percentage of attention and clarity score differences. Use it all in the A / B testing process and be doubtless about your design decisions.

Video Heatmaps​

Boost your Video Ad performance by applying heatmaps to its analysis. AI video heatmaps represent concentration of attention in a video that is being played.

You read it right. No need to upload it frame by frame, just play the video and analyse the heatmaps provided.

Video heatmaps feature is available upon request. The test is performed by Attention Insight team.

Contrast Checker​

Strive for maximum accessibility by providing optimal contrast, great readability and legibility.

Attention Insight Contrast Checker is built for website owners, designers and developers to identify colour contrast problems leading to accessibility issues.


AI Heatmaps, AI-powered design analytics

Scroll Heatmaps

See how your users interact with your site live. Below the fold matters so find out where their attention falls while scrolling down the webpage.

Scroll heatmaps feature is available upon request. The test is performed by Attention Insight team.

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