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What are the use cases of Attention Insight?

Here are several Use cases that highlight how Attention heatmaps are helping make most important marketing decisions

Marketing agencies are using Attention Insight while preparing pitches for new or existing accounts. They are testing ads in billboards, magazines, competitors’ websites, social media, banners and etc.. With a platform, they can provide their suggestions and critical feedback for current and future clients, they can stand out from other agencies while providing personalized insights.

UX/UI experts are using Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch plugins to test designs or websites before launch. They can assess the visibility of key design elements and adjust layouts and designs for maximum user engagement.

Designers are testing banners and social media posts on a platform or with a Photoshop plugin. They can work in their native environment and use Attention heatmaps to generate the best design version that fit’s client goal.

Product owners are testing design material provided by the agency to be sure that their marketing budget is spent on the most effective and eye-catching creatives.

CRO experts include Attention heatmaps to reports where they analyze clients’ websites and share knowledge about what to improve or change.

SAAS companies add heatmaps to their product (via API) to provide critical insights on attention to their clients. Whether they’re building a new landing page or next emailing campaign with heatmaps they can optimize the designs to fit their goals.