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How to generate heatmap using Photoshop plugin?

STEP #1 Create an account

If you have questions on how to do it you can find it here.


STEP #2 Generate a heatmap

  • On the menu bar click: “Plugins” > “Attention Insight” > “Generate Heatmap”
  • Wait a few seconds and here you have it! Your design heatmap based on eye-tracking research studies is right in front of you!



And we have some important tips for you:

  • Generate Heatmap = generates a heatmap on the Adobe Photoshop app;
  • Generate Full Analysis (in Web App) = generates a heatmap and Clarity Score on the Attention Insight web app;
  • My Analysis = brings you to Attention Insight web app dashboard.


That’s it! You’re good to go! 😉