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What is Video Testing – A Short Guide

video upload window cropped

What is Video Testing?

Video testing allows for in-depth attention analysis on various types of video content. This feature is designed to evaluate how viewers might engage with your video ads, whether they are:

  • TV Spots, Social Media Video Ads, or other Widescreen Videos (16×9)
  • Reels, Stories, Shorts, or other Vertical Videos (9×16)
  • Social Media Video Posts or other Square Videos (1×1)


By submitting your video for analysis, you will be able to receive valuable insights through a video heatmap and a focus map overlay, which provide a visual representation of viewer engagement and attention.

video testing heatmap view
An example of video analysis focus map view
video testing focus map view
An example of video analysis heatmap view

However, don’t expect miracles from video analysis just yet. Before analyzing video ads, you should understand the goal of the video ad and identify the most crucial elements in each moment of the video that are of interest. Once you know these details, you can examine the video heatmap and focus map to determine whether those elements are visible to viewers.

Video model accuracy

Our video testing feature has a 92% accuracy rate compared to actual eye-tracking studies. This high level of accuracy ensures that all the primary attention areas are accurately represented in the attention heatmap.

An accuracy rate of 92% means that any possible deviations from actual eye-tracking data are likely to be minor, such as slight variations in the shapes of hotspots. This ensures that the insights you gain closely reflect real-world viewer interactions and engagement with your video content. In other words, unless you’re planning to write a scientific paper based on these heatmaps or analyze each pixel, you will find our video analysis immensely useful for various business purposes.

File Size, Format, and Duration

To ensure optimal performance and user experience, we support video uploads with a maximum file size of 500 MB. Accepted resolutions include 480p, 720p, and 1080p, catering to a range of video quality requirements. We currently accept the following video formats: MP4, AVI, and MOV. 

Please note that at this time, you can upload video ads with a duration of up to 2 minutes. Upon uploading your video and initiating the analysis, a countdown timer will display, indicating the remaining time until your video analysis is ready for review. 

video analysis processing remaining time cropped
An example of remaining processing time indication

Also, you will get notified via email about your analyzed video.

Plan Specifications

Our subscription plans cater to varying levels of need and engagement:

Small Team Plan: Users receive 3 minutes of video testing per month.

Team Plan: Users are allocated 10 minutes of video testing per month.

Video analyses are not available on Solo plan.