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We will audit your website design with Attention Insight platform and then provide you with recommendations from professional designers on how to increase the visibility of desired objects and improve conversion rate.

Price is starting from 1800 EUR.

In the Website Design Report You Will Find

Attention Heatmaps

Artificial intelligence generated Attention Heatmaps that show which objects the user will notice first.

Percentage of Attention

AI calculates the Percentage of Attention that any element in a design receives. This way you can see which parts are getting the most visibility.

Clarity Score

Too much information on your design can distract users’ attention. Clarity Score will show whether your design is visually loaded or not.
Based on this data, professional designers will make recommendations on how to make small changes to your design for reaching evenly focused attention and increased conversion rate.

We save your time and resources

We will examine, resolve and send the case back to you with solutions.

You can rely on our experts

Our designers are well aware of attention metrics and are providing the best solutions.

We only need design files

Fill out a contact form and your case is in our hands. We can test unpublished websites too.

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Artificial Intelligence

A predictive eye-tracking system based on deep learning and trained on 30800 images from eye-tracking studies

To get a result
0 sec
Images from eye-tracking studies
Accuracy of prediction for web designs and 94% for other images
0 %
Designs analyzed
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