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How to create the first analysis?

If you want to create an analysis, you have several ways to do it. You can either create an analysis that is assigned to a project or an individual analysis that is not assigned to any project. 

If you want to create an analysis in a project, you need to create a project by clicking the “Create New Project” button in the Dashboard or the Projects window. Then open that project and simply click the “Create New Analysis” button in that project window. After that, select the Analysis Type and Capture a URL or upload an image of your design. If you choose your Analysis Type as Marketing Material, used for various creatives, ads, banners, etc., then you can only upload an image.




If you decide to analyze multiple URLs, you can do that, but you will need to enter and capture them one by one.  On the other hand, you can bulk upload up to 20 images at once. After you have all your designs uploaded, click the button “Analyze all”. In around a minute or faster, you will have your first analysis prepared. If you analyze many designs at once, for example, 20 designs, it might take a bit longer to process all of them. 

Another way to create an analysis is to create an individual analysis not assigned to any project. You can do that by clicking the “Create New Analysis” button in the Analyses section in the Dashboard. Alternatively, you can click the “Analyses” button in the left sidebar and then click the “Create New Analysis” button in the window that has opened. After that, the process is the same. Such individual analyses are listed in the “Analyses” window that you can access from the Dashboard by clicking “View all analyses” or from the left sidebar by clicking the button “Analyses”. Analyses that are assigned to a specific project are not listed here, and you can access them through projects.