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How do I interpret Percentage of Attention?

Simple answer:

Percentage of Attention provides quantified attention data (a percentage) of certain areas in your design with key elements inside them. By defining your areas of interest, you quantify data of the heatmap and get an exact percentage of attention a particular object receives.

For example, if you select the whole image, you will get 100% of the attention. Now go and find out what Percentage of Attention that CTA of yours gets!


More in-depth answer:

Our algorithm mimics the human vision of the first 4 seconds after seeing the image for the first time. The percentage of Attention for the specific area is calculated based on how many fixations it would get if real people would look at your image. Fixation means that the gaze stops and lingers at some place for a more extended period of time.

Our algorithm calculates the fixation density for your design or image. We assume that the whole image takes up 100% of the user’s attention. When you select the area of interest, our algorithm calculates how much user’s attention that area gets depending on how many fixations fall into that region.

It shows how many times an average person would look at that area compared to all image areas. In other words, what percentage of average user’s attention that area attracts.