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What are AI recommendations?

AI recommendations are generated by a generative artificial intelligence algorithm and tailored specifically to the design you analyzed. These recommendations are synthesized by a Vision LLM model that evaluates your uploaded design and provides recommendations for enhancing attention optimization, color, and contrast.

And example of AI recommendations results
Example of AI recommendations results

Please note that the accuracy of these recommendations may vary from one case to another. There might be minor inaccuracies in the design descriptions. Hence, we kindly ask you to rate our AI recommendations to assist in their improvement.

How many credits does generating AI recommendations consume?

Generating one set of AI recommendations consumes one credit. 

Currently, we offer two types of AI recommendations:

  1. Attention distribution optimization (‘How to optimize attention?’)
  2. Color and contrast optimization (‘How to improve colors and contrast?’) 
Example of AI recommendations dialog window - two types of recommendations
Two types of AI recommendations

By selecting either option, you initiate the creation of these tailored AI recommendations. Once generated, they are stored and can be accessed anytime later without incurring extra charges. These stored recommendations are indicated by a white checkmark within a blue circle on the button.

Example of blue circle with checkmark in AI recommendations dialog window
Indication of stored AI recommendation results

Furthermore, by requesting AI recommendations, you consent to having your design or image sent to an external service for more detailed analysis. Rest assured, your designs are not used for training AI models.