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How to compare two designs?

If you want to compare two designs, you can do it with our Comparison mode. Simply click on the “Comparisons” button in the left sidebar and then the “Create New Comparison” button.

comparison button

You can also create a comparison by clicking “Create New Comparison” in the “Comparisons” section in the Dashboard. After you click that button, enter a comparison name in a pop-up window and click “Select analyses to compare.” You will see the list of projects from which you can choose analyses. Select the analyses and click “Compare.” That’s it. That’s how you create a comparison.

In your comparison, you can see the heatmaps from your analyses. In the table, you can see the comparison of those analyses’ Clarity scores and also the comparison of Percentages of Attention for all Areas of Interest. You can select a control analysis, and in colored percentages, it displays the difference between the control analysis’s percentage values and all other analyses’ values. 

You can add more analyses to your existing comparison if you want. Also, you can download the automatically generated Comparison Report.