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How do I interpret the Clarity benchmark?

Clarity benchmark allows you to benchmark your design clarity to your industry standard. The Clarity benchmark diagram shows where your design ranks regarding clarity compared with the most popular websites in the world in a certain category. To get the most popular websites with the most traffic, we used Alexa Sites Rank.

Clarity Benchmark takes 170 top-ranked websites on Alexa Sites Rank in the same category as your design and groups them by clarity score in 9 groups. You can see what percentage of those sites have a clarity score of 80-90%, what percentage falls into the 70-80% clarity score group, and so on.

Most importantly, you see to which group your design belongs. Whether it has a better clarity score than the most top-ranked Alexa Rank websites or it trails somewhere on the tail-end of those 170 websites.

More about interpreting Clarity benchmark: