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 Our team has decided to interview the most intrigue creators on good design and test their works with the Attention Insight platform. It predicts how user’s attention distributes in design. We hope these short talks will inspire you and give some useful insights on catchy design. Enjoy!

We are excited to introduce you Šarūnas Savickas. A senior graphic designer, father, traveller and community builder from Lithuania. Very inspiring and wise person. We hope you will get an opportunity to meet him in person. And for now – let’s enjoy a short conversation!

What defines a good design in your opinion?  

Good design solves a problem instead of creating one.

What is your favourite project you’ve ever done and why?

“Constructive Shamanism” where I was making all the visual language for the event. Process overtook me and the magic started to happen. I made my all time best visual communication design. It was one of the main very important elements to gather amazing people to build constructions together with well known architects. This event has changed many people’s lives. Happy to become a part of this magic.

How do you handle a situation when you do not agree with the client? (e.g. client wants bigger CTA button while you think there is no need)

More and more I give up against the clients. I try not to fight but give them a way to face their limitation and failures – I can not take their lessons from them, right? If there is a way to measure how changing a button might change results – must do that, otherwise you’ll be trapped in a jail of your illusions that you know.

Share your motto. What is the main rule you follow when designing?

 I know nothing about anything so I’m open for everything to happen.

Would you share 3 habits recommendations you think are crucial for success?


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