Youtube Banner Size

Youtube Banner Size: Get a Free Photoshop Template

You have created a Youtube channel as an influencer, an entrepreneur for your personal business, or a representative for your company page: an essential element not to be forgotten is a banner for your channel. Here you will find out what the right Youtube banner size is, as well as you will be able to download a Photoshop Template.

Youtube Banner Size

So, what is the recommended Youtube banner size? It is advisable to upload an image that is bigger in size, even if you don’t need to view it on TV. Your image has to be 1440px in height and 2560px in width. Now, if you want your Youtube channel to be viewable on TV,  make sure your image fits into these dimensions. However, if you need your Youtube channel to be adapted only for the desktop view, you can keep your content within 430px and 2560px. If, on the other hand, you only need it for the mobile view, make sure your image content fits within the 430px and 1544px area: these dimensions also signify that your content will be viewable on any device.

Youtube Banner Size

To be able to more effortlessly upload your content for your Youtube banner, use our Youtube Banner Photoshop template.

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Youtube Banner Photoshop Template

Once you download the Photoshop template, you can edit it by removing the layer visibility of the layers of guidance and uploading your artwork: File -> Place Linked… If you don’t need your image to be visible on TV screens, you can leave that area blank or of your background color.

Youtube Banner Size

Examples of Youtube Banner Image

Here you can look at an example of Attention Insight Youtube channel as the desktop view with the correct Youtube banner size…

Youtube Banner Size

…and here of the one on the mobile view.

Youtube Banner Size

Feel free to also check out LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter cover photo requirements and to download Photoshop templates.

Look no further and get your Youtube Banner Photoshop Template here:

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