twitter cover photo size

Twitter Cover Photo Size: Get a Free Photoshop Template

It’s time to update your Twitter or create a new profile and you want it to look professional? Not a problem! Here you will find out how to use the right Twitter cover photo size and you will also be able to download the right template.

Twitter Cover Photo Size

Twitter Cover Photo size is 1500px x 500px. However, make sure your content fits inside the Safe Zone.

twitter cover photo size

For this reason, we have created a Twitter Cover Photoshop Template, which you can download and adjust upon your needs.

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Twitter Cover Photoshop Template

Once you download the Photoshop template, you can edit it by removing the layer visibility of the layers of guidance and uploading your artwork: File -> Place Linked…

twitter cover photo size

Examples of Twitter Cover Image

Here is an example of Attention Insight Twitter cover image, on the desktop and the mobile mode, in which the content is fit inside the recommended measurements. It must be stated that for more attention, you need more followers. You can choose the best place to buy Twitter followers as an easy approach.

twitter cover photo size
twitter cover photo size

Feel free to also check out LinkedIn and Facebook cover photo requirements and to download Photoshop templates.

Look no further and get your Twitter Cover Photo Photoshop Template here:

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