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Complete UX/UI Update of Attention Insight Platform

Attention Insight team is super happy to announce the big news!

The long-awaited new UI/UX is finally out in the open. We have ditched our old web app interface and introduce you to a new, cleaner version. It’s not just the new, better-looking interface. We have also improved some of the UX aspects.

new Attention Insight's platform dashboard
Brand new dashboard of Attention Insight platform

There is a new, more convenient dashboard, improved navigation between analyses, upgraded analysis creation process, and updated comparison mode, to name a few improvements. The list is not finished as there are more upgrades to come. Let’s take a closer look at the main updates. 

Introducing projects

Projects Attention Insight
Projects which function as folders for your Analyses

Among all of the changes, probably one of the most significant is the introduction of the Projects. Before, you had all your analyses in just one long list, which was not that convenient. From now on, we allow you to group separate analyses under a project. 

If you are working on a certain project that requires you to analyze several design assets, you can assign all of those to that specific project which makes finding it later fast and easy. You can interpret those projects as folders. Later on, you will even have the ability to move the analyses between the projects. 

Analyses conveniently placed in the Project

Team sharing

This concept of the projects enables us to build new functionalities, for example, project sharing. Prior to that, there was an ability to add teammates to your account, but they could access everything, including all the analyses.

Now, If you have your teammates onboard in our platform, you can choose which projects and analyses you want to share with which teammates.

Project Share module in Attention Insight platform
Projects can be shared among your team members

Improved navigation between analyses

One more thing that we improved is the way you navigate between analyses.

With one click, you can quickly jump to another analysis in the same project.

Two clicks allow jumping to any analysis in the same project by selecting the analysis from the project analysis dropdown list.

The collapsable navigation sidebar on the left will come in handy when you want to quickly jump between projects, individual analyses, comparisons, or dashboard. 

navigation dropdown list in the analysis window
Dropdown list in the analysis window for better navigation

Recommendations sidebar

Also, we are taking the first steps towards providing you with the automatic design recommendations. When you open the analysis, you will notice the sidebar on the left named “Recommendations.” There you can find benchmark type selection, our suggested design testing steps, and a visibility benchmark for Areas of Interest.

analyses list screenshot
Recommendations module in the analysis window

We have introduced design elements visibility benchmark for CTA buttons. We have analyzed how much attention CTA buttons get in the landing pages of successful companies (based on revenue and employee number). Because of that, we can compare your CTA button’s Percentage of Attention to the average of those companies and tell you if you need to improve your CTA. 

For now, it is available only for primary and secondary CTA buttons on landing pages. We are working on providing these averages and automatic recommendations that tell you if it is OK or needs improving for the other design elements too. This feature is in our roadmap

Design testing steps

In the same sidebar, you can notice the design testing steps that we suggest for our users. We have figured out that some of our users get the heatmap and then do nothing with it. They don’t draw Areas of Interest and do not get the Percentage of Attention values for specific elements. This way, they do not exploit the full potential of our tool. 

That’s why, just below the benchmark selection, we outlined key testing steps that allow you to quantify the heatmap results and draw deeper insights. Also, you can find a link to an article which in detail explains how you can improve your design using our Percentage of Attention feature and a visibility benchmark for Areas of Interest.

Now go try out these updates and let us know what you think. 

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