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5 Best Figma Courses to learn UI and UX Design in 2024

If you came across this blog, you are probably looking for the best Figma course to kick off your path of becoming a UX/UI design specialist. Well, then you landed in the right place to pick the best Figma course and obtain these valuable online skills. 

Being a powerful collaborative interface design tool, Figma platform allows you to design apps, and websites with no coding experience required. Therefore, it is often named the best UX/UI design tool to stick to from even the early beginning of your designer’s career. 

So, whether you are a complete beginner, or have already undergone some classes, but feel like you are not 100% there yet, we have filtered out the best Figma online courses so that you pick the right one to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed. Take a look! 

Are you a complete beginner looking to get into the UI/UX world? Or perhaps you are not fully satisfied with the tools that you are already working with? Then this course is the one you need to invest your time and money in. It is created to teach you the user interface designing processes using Figma tools so that you could create responsive and high-end designs.

Moreover, the course instructor demonstrates a real-time team collaboration for you to see how you can work effectively with others on the same project. This Udemy course will help you to transition from the Adobe XD or Sketch design tools smoothly and will provide both theoretical and practical knowledge so you could start right away. Thus, whether you are a newbie, or already working as a UI/UX designer willing to change your work tool – this course will help you to get going with the Figma platform. 


The course is taught by Caleb Kingston – an user interface teacher, app developer, and founder of a design organisation – Salt Lake Designers. 


Course price:


The course includes:

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video

  • 3 downloadable resources

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion

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2. Figma Training Course – Figma Training

This is another great Figma course for complete beginners or the ones that want to start with this platform. In this course, you’ll learn about all Figma tools and features as well as you will get learning by doing experience that will get you ready to design real-life projects.

Moreover,  it includes UI libraries and templates to help you speed up your growing process. This course gives you lifetime access to on-demand videos, downloadable projects and exercise files, chat assistance, and discounts on design tools. Another great thing about this course is that you are given 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you change your mind and don’t want to continue. After completing this course, you’ll have a solid knowledge and online skills foundation that will be sufficient for you to start and get paid for your work. 


The course is taught by Hannah Wright – an experienced designer, instructor and founder of a design company SaaS Design. 


Course price: $97


The course includes: 

  • Lifetime access to the course 

  • Immediate access to all 44 lessons

  • Certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)

  • Design discounts from partners

  • UI libraries

  • Access to all future updates

  • Chat assistance

  • 30-day refund policy

From opening Figma platform for the very first time to implementing your design completely, this Udemy course will teach you everything you need to know to work smoothly and efficiently. You will learn about the tools –  how and when to use them, collaborative features of the platform, the principles of User Interface Design, and Human-Computer Interaction.

What is more, you’ll get to know how to adapt to specific project requirements, how to wireframe in order to turn your design into a functional prototype and so much more. One of the biggest pros of taking this course is that it’s constantly being revised and updated with new lessons, so you are guaranteed to get up-to-date information. This course is great for everyone who wants to start working with Figma and take away practical knowledge from this training.  


The Udemy course is taught by a group of professional creators from Creativity Unleashed. Instructors are experienced in design, illustration, filmmaking, video editing, and other areas of creative work. Their led courses are known to be fun and highly engaging. 


Course price: €19.99


This course includes:

  • 24 hours on-demand video

  • 1 downloadable resource

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

  • Certificate of completion

This Coursera course will provide you with the online skills needed to get an entry-level UX designer’s position.

When enrolled in this course, you will acquire the skills on how to create high-quality designs, turn them into interactive prototypes, conduct research to collect feedback, and based on them, make design improvements. Moreover, you’ll learn the collaborative aspects of Figma, and the essentials of a professional UX work portfolio. In this Figma course, you’ll be highly involved in hands-on activities that show you real-life UX design scenarios.

When finished this training, you will know how to build mockups, and high-end prototypes, determine and apply visual design elements, and demonstrate how design systems can be used to organize, standardize and improve designs.

What is more, you will understand the importance of design feedback sessions, will learn how to hand over finished design projects to engineering teams, and more! However, it is highly advised to complete the previous course of the Google UX Design Certificate, before starting this one. Otherwise, learners should have an understanding of the design process and how to conduct usability studies. 

The course is taught by Google picked top instructor in the field. The name is not revealed

Course price: you are given 7 days free trial, after that, you’ll be charged $39 per month. 

About the course: 

  • Flexible deadlines

  • Ability to reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule

  • Shareable Certificate

  • A certificate upon completion

  • 100% online

  • Instant start and learning at your own schedule

  • Course 5 of 7 in the Google UX Design program

  • Beginner Level

  • Approx. 39 hours to complete

  • Language: English

  • Subtitles: English

5. Figma for UX Design – LinkedIn Learning

Whether you’ve been already using Figma to collaborate and create interactive designs, or you are a beginner who needs an introduction to this platform, this course holds information and material that you may are looking for. In this Figma course, you’ll go through the steps of creating projects, prototyping, collaborating with other designers, and exporting your files.

The course instructor explains the differences between online and desktop versions, what are the steps in creating the project, how to use interactions and so much more. Plus, he shares tips and time-proven practices when working with Figma. After finishing this course you get the skills and knowledge together with it proving LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Completion which you can showcase on your Linked profile to demonstrate your abilities. 


The course is taught by Eric Nordquist – UX professor, practitioner and mentor. 


Course price: €30 


This course includes:

  • 1 project file

  • 3 chapter quizzes

  • Access on tablet and phone

  • Certificate of completion

You’re a Figma user, but you feel like you’re not using it to its full potential? You’ve learned countless simple tips, but you crave real strategies on how to efficiently build complex, high-quality designs? Then, this course is the missing link you need to grow from an average to an advanced Figma user.

It’s created to teach you time-saving tricks and workflow hacks that allow you to design more efficiently, create sophisticated designs and prototypes, use complex Figma features with ease to their fullest potential, explain your process and articulate your design decisions, help you collaborate comfortably with any kind of clients and teammates, and enable you to wow them with your workflows, designs, prototypes, and file organization.

Moreover, the course comes with lifetime updates, which means once you’re enrolled, you’ll keep getting new lessons and modules covering newly released Figma features. It makes the course not a one-time investment but a long-term investment in your Figma mastery and staying on top of the latest, most powerful Figma features.

This course is taught by Andrija Prelec, a product designer with more than a decade of industry experience and extensive teaching and mentoring experience, who does an amazing job at transferring his knowledge in a clearlogicaland engaging way.

Course price:

$269 or 2x$119

The course includes:

  • 18+ hours of practical videos
  • 120+ value-packed lessons
  • 120+ knowledge-affirming assignments
  • Accompanying solutions
  • 10+ exclusive industry discounts
  • 5 bonus Figma files and templates
  • Completion certificate
  • Free lifetime updates

Final words

Everyone’s learning path is different, however, investing in a course that provides valuable content and involves hands-on experience will lead you to the right route. 

We hope we helped you to pick the course that best suit your needs, so you can acquire the skills of becoming a UX/UI designer. Good luck! 

If you have made it this far, then you are definitely a person, that values online skills and therefore, likes to learn. Hence, we like to help all the creators out there and enlighten them with knowledge on the online skills they want to acquire. So, here are more topics that might be useful for you, check them out! 

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