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8 Best UX Podcasts Designers Need to Listen

Interested in UX design?

What if you can learn UX design just by listening to a podcast? You can!

User experience (UX) design has grown in popularity over the recent years. With the rise of technology, it’s no surprise that people have turned to UX design as a means of understanding and improving tech. And what better way to understand and improve tech than by listening to UX podcast!

Here are 8 UX podcasts – novice and expert – designers need to listen to today!

Revision Path is a weekly podcast that focuses on the inclusive and representative aspects of UX design,” says Charles Whitaker, a UX blogger at Eliteassignmenthelp and UKWritings. “This podcast showcases designers and developers from many parts of the world. From indie game developers, to creative directors, to illustrators, to animators, Revision Path will show you how anyone can succeed in the UX designing industry no matter your background or culture.”

Recent episodes interview special guests like:

  • Harrison Wheeler, a senior design manager at LinkedIn
  • Charlene Atlas, an interaction designer on the Reality Labs team at Meta, AND
  • Alanna Flowers, a Brooklyn illustrator, and lettering artist

Since its launch in 2010, 99% Invisible has shed light on developments in UX design. On the podcast, the host Roman Mars has invited experts and UX designers to talk about the following topics:

  • Architecture
  • Cities
  • Objects
  • Visuals (including graphics)
  • Technology, etc.

Recent episodes include:

  • The Three Santas of Slovenia
  • The Epic of Collier Heights
  • Alphabetical Order

From the Internet giant itself, Google offers its own podcast on UX design!

Google Design functions as two main shows:

  • Method spotlights Google designers, and how they have arrived to where they are now.
  • Design Notes spotlights designers from around the world, as a means to show diversity and creativity in the industry.

Recent episodes include:

  • AI-Mediated Art
  • Making Mistakes on Purpose, AND
  • Virtual Couture

Hosted by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom, UX Podcast was created to tackle what are called UX design “organizational silos,” which symbolize a lack of adequate communication or informational flow with the industry. This show interviews some of the biggest names in UX design, as well as covers important topics like mental health, inclusivity, and workshopping. 

Recent episodes include of UX Podcast include:

  • Ethical Experimentation
  • War Stories with Steve Portigal (UXP Classic), AND
  • Business Unusual
Founded by UX designer and director/CEO of Blind Chris Do, The Futur serves as an online education platform dedicated to teach people about UX design, and how it’s needed in today’s world. Do asks discussion questions, while inviting prominent guests onto the show to discuss UX design. No matter the topic, there is a lot to discuss!

“Essential” episodes – as this UX podcast puts them – include:

  • Inclusion and Belonging: The Difference
  • Stealing Like an Artist (Parts 1 and 2), AND
  • Marketing vs. Branding
Design MBA is all about combining business endeavors with product design. With host and designer Jayneil Dalal, listeners will learn how to take advantage of a no-cost MBA program for designers. Without having to pay thousands of dollars just to obtain an MBA in UX design, people can tune in to this podcast to learn about business concepts, along with creative innovation in the industry. Rather than just be a side hustle, Dalal wants you to take UX design to the next level by making a living from it!
Recent episodes include:
  • Designing A Decentralized Design Studio
  • Selling Your Side Project, AND
  • Making $100,000+ Selling Design Ebooks

“For people interested in writing in the UX designing industry, then this podcast is a great stepping stone for that pursuit,” says Jason Thompson, a tech writer at Write My PaperCustom Writing. “UX writing involves understanding UX design from the inside and out. On Writers in Tech, you’ll learn from existing UX writers, content strategists, and content designers, as they share their tips and tricks on how to make your UX writing beneficial for UX designing.”

Recent episodes include:
  • Believe in Content Design
  • UX Writing vs. Content Design, AND
  • UX Writers Are Designers

Finally, let’s not forget the first and longest-running design podcast – Design Matters

Hosted by designer and author Debbie Millman, the podcast showcases prominent designers, actors, writers, journalists, etc. This shows has been around since 2005, and continues to allure listeners to this day. 

Recent episodes interview special guests like:

  • Anita Hill, an author, activist, and professor
  • Artist and musician Michael Stipe, AND
  • Playwright Keenan Scott II


Podcasts will continue to influence listeners and followers. This is especially true for UX design. This industry will continue to allure the public with its developments, advancements, etc.

So, if you’re interested in pursuing UX design, then take a listen to these 8 UX podcasts! These podcasts will not only have you learning something today, but they’ll also show you how advanced technology has become with no signs of stopping.

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