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6 Useful Different Types of Video Content and When to Use Each in Your Business

Effective use of video content can transform the trajectory of your business, but you need to know what types of clips you can create, and when it makes sense to use them.

To that end, here’s an explainer on the options and opportunities that exist when you get to grips with the medium of video to promote and grow your company.

Explainer Videos: Answering Your Customers’ Most Common Questions

Explainer videos are an effective way to quickly communicate the value of your products and services. They’re concise, engaging, and easy to understand, especially when compared with text-based alternatives.

Explainer videos allow you to break down complex concepts into simple visuals that can be understood by a wide audience in just minutes. Plus, they answer customer questions before they even have the chance to ask it, like an FAQ page with added bells and whistles.

Product Demonstration Videos: Showcasing the Benefits of Your Offerings

To show off your products in action, a video that demonstrates what they can do is arguably invaluable. This type of video gives viewers a chance to see how products work, what features they have, and why they should choose you over competitors.

Product demo videos can be used as part of sales presentations, or on social media channels like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Also, with product demos you’ll be able to highlight any unique features that make your product stand out from the rest.

Ultimately this will help potential customers get a better understanding of what makes your offerings so special, allowing them to make informed decisions about their purchase before ever clicking “buy”.  Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms for this. All you have to do is simply add captions to Instagram Reels that are relevant and include the right hashtags which will help you appear in front of the right audience.

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Live Streaming Video: Capturing Real-Time Events From Anywhere in the World

The advantage of live streaming is that it lets you share real-time events with your audience, and also record this content for reuse later on.

Live streams can be harnessed for everything from product launches, interviews, conferences, webinars and more.

The beauty of live streaming is that it allows you to reach people anywhere in the world instantly. Moreover, viewers will get an intimate look into what’s happening at any given moment, giving them an up close and personal experience they won’t find elsewhere.

Interviews With Experts & Industry Leaders: Sharing Knowledge & Insights

Inviting key influencers to speak on your platform is a means of building trust, credibility, and authority within your niche.

Interviews can be used to turn the spotlight on new products, as well as for general thought leadership, allowing you to expand your sphere of influence and bolster your reputation at the same time.

Best of all, interviews give audiences access to conversations they wouldn’t otherwise have, which will make them feel better informed and also closer to your brand.

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Animated Videos: A Fun & Engaging Experience

Live action clips are all well and good, but sometimes it’s useful to mix things up with animation instead. Animated videos are another impactful option for communicating complex ideas in an engaging, fun and creative way.

These types of videos can be used to introduce your audience to new ideas, or bring them up to speed with your latest product offerings, all while keeping them entertained.

Animation is also great for conveying abstract concepts that would otherwise be difficult to comprehend with traditional video content. With animated videos, you’ll have the opportunity to create compelling visuals that help viewers better understand what you’re trying to say, without getting too technical and overwhelming them. To ensure they remain concise and engaging, you can cut the video with an online video trimmer.

It’s also about forging a unique personality for your brand, one which might be different to what others in your industry are presenting to prospects at the moment. Animated clips could even get shared further afield than your usual video content, which is useful for raising awareness and further enhancing your authority.

Customer Testimonials & Reviews: Letting Real-Life Experiences Speak For Themselves

You can easily turn the spotlight onto what genuine customers think of your business if you create video testimonials, or even allow them to upload their own video reviews to the platforms you occupy.

These types of videos offer a bespoke, honest perspective, and give you the chance to hear directly from customers about how they’ve been affected by your products or services. This is useful for making tweaks and changes, or responding to criticisms, as well as for using positive feedback to boost team morale.

With customer reviews, you’ll have a powerful tool in your arsenal for promoting trustworthiness, credibility, and loyalty within your audience. And of course these videos are perfect for sharing on social media channels like Facebook, as well as on your website, so there’s a promotional element to them as well.

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Wrapping Up

Whatever mix of video content you invest in, you’ll be doing your bit to keep up with customer expectations and trends, and preparing yourself for an even more video-focused future of marketing.

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