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How Animations Can Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your Website

Brands across varied industries are bent on uncovering the secret of increasing the rate of conversions. Animated promotional videos have gained huge popularity in recent times mainly because they help with lead generation and increased traffic on a website.

Videos are one of the most powerful tools for businesses looking for customer acquisition and audience engagement in this modern digital era. Top-quality videos go a long way in drawing the viewers’ attention, driving emotions, evoking interest in a brand, checking the site of a company, inviting visitors to follow CTAs, and creating powerful associations.

Just imagine, if simple videos can bring in so many advantages for business, what would be the power of animated videos? Fascinating, informative, and fast-paced, these brief video productions are everywhere on the internet.

They are not just in the inbound marketing campaigns and social media posts of various businesses but even in their websites. There are reasons why businesses use animated videos to upgrade their rate of conversions.

Let’s dive in and find out how animations can help in improving the conversion rate on a website:

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1. Animations are Simplified Versions of the Offerings of a Business

Animated videos help brands tell their stories and introduce their products and services in the most engaging but brief manner. 3-minute animations are sufficient for hooking the potential buyers and motivating them to go through a site.

Animated videos are of good help in describing the offerings of a business most extraordinarily. Such videos do not just attract attention effectively but even make the audiences listen to everything that is being said there.

People who are able to engage with brands easily are the ones who have higher chances of buying from the same brand. The right animated video has the potential of turning cold audiences into qualified leads simply by inviting individuals to learn more about a company on its site.

Subsequently, this helps with more traffic on a site converting into solid and loyal customers.

Animation on Gucci website

2. They Help in Creating Emotional Bond with the Customers and the Company

Nowadays, people do not have a lot of time to spare on uninteresting topics and things. They get attracted to content that relates to their personal lives. They also like content presented as a story.

As has already been said, people of these present times are quite busy. They do not have much time in hand. Therefore, they are quite likely to stop watching a certain video after about 30 seconds if they do not find it interesting and cannot bond with it emotionally.

When there are more visitors to a site, the rate of conversion also increases. Therefore, businesses looking to escalate their conversion rates should focus on building an emotional connection with the viewers.

The best way of interacting and making an emotional connection with the consumers is simply by creating impressive motion graphics videos. These videos express thoughts as a story, and thus they are instrumental in attracting more visitors. Thus, elevating the rate of conversion of a site!

Animation on Gucci website

Of course, it is a bit challenging for businesses to decide on the story they would like to narrate and then express the same in the form of a video. Above everything else, there is this pressure of generating more traffic through videos and building a strong emotional connection with the viewers at the same time.

This is not a very difficult task. The first thing you can do is evaluate the target audience and the services you are looking to offer. Try creating good stories in your videos, and once you are successful at this, it will easily help you create a wonderful emotional bond with your consumers. This will lead to generating more conversions.

In summary, you must create engaging animations for building the consumers’ confidence, which will result in the desired action.

3. People Love Sharing Animated Videos on Different Social Media Platforms

Attractive visual stories and information are something people bond with very easily. They also like sharing creative videos and fun animation videos on different social media platforms.

Businesses looking to spread all the details of their organization online at a very fast pace can therefore use fun and engaging animated promotional videos. The process is like a self-spreading promotion where you need to push your content initially, and then people will gradually start sharing the same on varied channels. The process is like a self-spreading promotion where you need to push your content initially, and then people will gradually start sharing the same on varied channels.You can work with a video animation agency or freelance animator to create short videos for your social media platforms.

Dell on social media

You might be wondering what it will do for the conversions. Right? The outcome is more shares leading to more extensive reach resulting in more traffic and ultimately more conversions.

4. Animation Helps in Building a Brand

The forward-thinking businesses of the present times use different branding elements such as branded colors, logos, and messages in animated videos to emphasize their company’s exclusiveness and grow brand awareness.

Businesses can easily increase the recognizability of their products and services online and even strengthen their brand’s image by posting animated videos on social media platforms, using them on websites, and including them in visual parts of advertising.

Animated videos positively impact conversions since people prefer businesses they have already heard about in the past. Animated videos are powerful emotion drivers. Engaging stories, appropriate music, funny animated characters, and compelling images can go a long way in creating specific moods in people.

Vans video on social media

Animated promotional and product demonstration videos can make the audiences smile and even burst into laughter. And as a business, if you are lucky enough to achieve this effect, you will not just deal with potential customers but loyal buyers.

Businesses can kill two birds with a single stone if they use animated videos on their websites. On the one hand, these videos help in evoking the viewers’ emotions, and on the other hand, they also help with increased customer loyalty.


To conclude, if you want to capture leads and increase customer retention on your site, there is nothing better than going for animated videos. They will help you fulfill all your business objectives by increasing the rate of conversion on your site.

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