Increase Your Conversions with the Best Call to Action Colors

Colors are an essential part of our daily life. They affect us on an emotional level and influence our decisions.

Colors are especially important for call to action (CTA) buttons in web design. Using the best call to action colors for your CTA attract more customers and increase your conversion rates.

Here are six simple ways to improve engagement with your audience.

1. Contrast is everything

When it comes to the layout of any page, vibrance will transform your CTA button into an eye-grabbing element.

The color itself is important, but whatever color you chose – make that color pop. Call to action color needs to stand out the most on the page.

There are numerous experiments and opinions, and normally CTAs tend to be red and sometimes green, blue or orange. They are usually the most eye-catching colors, but the whole context is equally substantial.

For instance, you are using a lot of reds on your page, then red CTA is going to be lost and not affective.

Therefore, make sure your page has enough contrast, so your button would have a true call to action color.

2. How do you pick the best contrasting CTA?

Take a color wheel.

Find color that you established for the main layout, this is the dominant color. Now, the color right across the wheel is going to be the most contrasting one to your dominant color. Another good option is a triadic color: if you put a triangle on the wheel, triadic color would be on the 3rd corner from the dominant color.

You can play around and choose the best option, but the color wheel is a really good reference to pick the color that attracts attention against your dominant color.

3. Stay consistent to your brand 

Different industries have different color associations: for example green for eco, black for finance and so on. This does not mean that you can only use color assigned to your industry, but understanding your brand’s personality is a key.

If you are mainly working with logistics and heavy machinery, most probably your website would look masculine and serious. If you decide to do your CTA button in bright pink or peach color, most probably it would look confusing and would not create much association with the brand, and it would not be call to action color.

You do not have to stick to the industry color, but definitely stick to your brand identity and use colors that draw attention specifically to your brand. 

4. Do not fluctuate between CTA colors

Once you have established the most attention-grabbing color that also goes along with your brand’s identity, stay loyal to it.

Your CTAs are on your website to lure the customers to click on them.

If all the links and CTA buttons are going to have different colors, it would simply make them less notable. If you have to have two CTA buttons on the page, pick the one that is more important for you and make it your call to action color, and the second button has to be either smaller in size, or slightly duller and less vibrant version of your main CTA color.

But overall, all your clickables have to be the same colors that attract attention.

5. Investigate your audience

Think about your target users.

What is the age, gender, profession, cultural background?

All these factors have to be taken in consideration for your color choices and overall design.

Studies show that men mostly prefer bold colors, while women prefer softer shades as call to action colors. People from different religions, professions and social statuses would have very different color associations.

Run some conversion tests and respect the preferences of your target audience. When satisfied, they will bring you higher conversion rates. 

6. To recap – make it clear, clean and the most attention-grabbing

CTAs are there to make your customers click on them to increase your conversion rates.

Your button has to be the first thing noticeable on the page, and it has to be the most call to action color.

Pick the shade that best suits your brand identity and target audience, do not let this color get lost.

Use a lot of contrast with complementary colors, and reserve this most attractive color solely for your CTAs.

And if your message is clear – this button has to be clicked!

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