Heatmaps of a New Vilnius’ Ad Campaign

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has launched a new visual advertising campaign “Vilnius – amazing wherever you think it is”.

On social networks, the campaign has been the subject of much debate. Looks, that the witty idea and cosmic images catch the eye.

So, it made us curious – is it a successful advertising campaign? Which objects in these ads attract most of the users’ attention? And which ones go unnoticed? Let’s find out!

We have tested the posters of the campaign with the Attention Insight platform. There are our findings:

  • The main message in the posters is getting 59-69% of the attention.
  • It is a smart design decision to place the main message next to the tourist attractions (St. Anne’s Church, Vilnius Cathedral, Gediminas’ Tower). In this way, it is more visible.
  • Contrasting CTA buttons “whereisvilnius.com” get 11-19% of the attention.
  • CTA buttons “whereisvilnius.com” are placed beneath the main message. It is a wise decision, as readers’ eyes move from left to right and then down.

The poster showing Vilnius Cathedral underwater is the best one. In this poster, the distribution of users’ attention keeps a good balance between the main objects – the main message, the CTA button, and tourist attraction (Vilnius Cathedral).

Poster of a new Vilnius ad campaign (Vilnius Cathedral)

Meanwhile, the poster showing the St. Anne’s Church in cosmic space could be improved. The glowing eyes of aliens divert users’ attention from the St. Anne’s Church.

Poster of a new Vilnius ad campaign (St. Anne's Church)
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