enhance your seo campaign

3 Great Ways to Enhance Your SEO Campaign by Using a Video

By now we are all well aware that great content is the key to success, helping your business to stay ahead of competitors in the organic search engine results. However, the use of video on your company site is another great way to enhance your SEO campaign, improve the user experience for your site visitors, and boost your customer engagement.

Videos bring additional value to your on-page content, with roughly 54% of customers stating that they would like to see more video-based content from their favourite brands.

So, what are the benefits of using video to enhance your SEO campaign?

In the article below, In Front Digital, a SEO agency in Birmingham, we will discuss that.

Improved Engagement

As mentioned previously, incorporating video into your website’s page content is a great way to improve your customer engagement. If you find yourself struggling to keep visitors on your company’s website, using video may provide the perfect solution, helping to enhance your content and increase the amount of time that users are seen to spend on your site as a result.

Uploading useful, relevant video content to the YouTube platform and embedding this within your website’s video landing pages is great for boosting your traffic, and with YouTube videos now being shown within the organic search results, there is great potential to increase your brand awareness!

enhance your seo campaign

Better Rankings

The average session duration of the users who visit your website is a factor that is used by the search engines to help determine your overall ranking factor. Therefore, it’s important to increase the amount of time that your potential customers stay on your website, as this will benefit your overall SEO performance.

As previously discussed, video is a great way to improve overall customer engagement, keeping users on your company website and benefitting your SEO efforts as a result.

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Increased Brand Awareness

Video content provides businesses with a way to connect with audience that may not have reached otherwise, broadening your potential customer base and attracting the attention of various different audiences. Regardless of what it is that you offer, videos help to showcase not just the products and services that you provide to customers, but the personality of your brand also.

Attention grabbing, informative video content that captures the interest of your visitors and conveys the personality of your company is great for humanising your brand, allowing you to build a better relationship with your customer base.

Your content development does not only help to enhance your SEO campaign – it’s an ideal way to improve the recognition and perception of your brand, allowing you to showcase your company ethos in a new and creative way.

enhance your seo campaign

To conclude, there are a number of benefits to using video within your SEO campaign, improving your performance within the organic search results and improving user engagement on your company website. Great content development is vital for a successful SEO strategy, and the use of video could definitely enhance your SEO campaign by boosting your SEO performance needs!

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