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6 Visual Content Marketing Tips for Social Media in 2022

Over 3.2 billion images are posted on social media daily.  This includes visuals posted by both regular users and businesses. In fact, 80% of marketers use visual content in their social media marketing. 

That is an amazing figure because marketers are increasingly prioritizing the use of images as well as videos to acquire new customers.

Visuals provide your company’s brand with additional exposure. The key motivation for organizations for using this technology is to increase traffic and engage prospects.

In reality, posting visual content on several platforms on a regular basis is by far the most effective strategy to attract prospects that are seeking answers. 

If they find the information to be helpful and authentic, they might even end up using your product and/or services.

In short, if you’re running a business, multimedia is a powerful tool for increasing lead conversions and sales. Let’s now delve into the specifics of how images might help you increase revenue and lead conversions. Check out 6 ways in which visuals impact sales and conversions in 2022!

1. Engage Visitors Emotionally With Attractive Graphics

The skill of sales depends on how successfully you can elicit good feelings in your customers for the product you’re selling, as well as how effectively you can persuade them to purchase from your brand.

Although you may quickly generate this reasoning with text lines, not every person wants to waste their time reading everything you’ve authored for them.

People say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But when an image is posted on your homepage, it’s worth millions because your viewers spend a mean 8 seconds on the landing page. Hence, using a photo that elicits an emotional reaction from visitors will aid you.

One factor to bear in mind is that employing cheesy stock images on your web pages will not help visitors feel any emotions. 

You should include pictures that reflect your brand’s genuine, real intentions, and personality.

Again, note the usage of colors in your visual content. Colors communicate in a way that words can’t. That is, different hues are more powerful at convincing because they interact with users on a psychological level.

You might conduct interviews with your intended audience to learn about the colors that grab focus on your website

Conversion rates can be improved by understanding consumers’ perceptions and color-related neurology, and right-chosen visuals can impact sales of your web page dramatically.

When it comes to using color palettes on your webpage, brand book, as well as other visual elements, there are a few design criteria to remember: saliency, alignment, and contrast.

2. Create Pitch Decks to Offer Brand Insights

visual content marketing

A marketing deck is a sort of image-and-video-embedded PPT whose main aim is to convince your intended audience of the worth of your offering, service, or company concept. 

After seeing your PPT, your viewers ought to be able to recognize the necessity to promote, buy, or campaign for your brand.

They may be used as a powerful, compelling visual tool by companies of all kinds and sizes, either online or in person.

When delivering this style of deck, you’re not striving for a beautiful discourse or a highly thorough presentation. For instance, some of the finest decks, such as these pitch decks will present your target group with short and clear information that is lean but useful.

Your audience anticipates getting the following messages when you show your pitch deck:

  • Describe your offerings in general terms.
  • Your intended audience.
  • You’re attempting to solve a problem.
  • How your service or product can solve the problem in a unique way.
  • Your costs are reasonable.
  • Currently gaining traction.
  • Business objectives and how you plan to achieve them.
  • What distinguishes you from your competition?

The facts you present will aid potential investors and associates in deciding whether or not they wish to proceed to the following step — such as going for an investment in your company.

It also aids in explaining your company’s operations to potential hires, clients, and customers.

It’s a live document that you can update as your company’s needs and objectives change.

To conclude, a well-thought-out pitch deck is a valuable business asset for companies aiming to expand, either through increased finances, a boost in revenue and conversions, or increased client and partnership acquisition.

3. Generate Leads With Video Marketing

visual content marketing

Over 81% of organizations prioritize video content in their marketing efforts. Furthermore, videos generate at least 66% of quality leads for marketers. 

One thing is obvious from the facts and figures above: a video is not only a highly interactive form of visual content, but it’s also an excellent medium for increasing lead generation throughout each step of your customer lifecycle.

Yet, not all clips will generate qualified leads for you. To bring in new customers, you must build and then use them appropriately.

For example, you must have a clear CTA that defines your end goals. It should address one or all of the following questions:

What are you expecting them to be doing? Do you need them to buy what you’re selling? Would you like them to go to your websites or your competitors’? Alternatively, why not subscribe to your newsletter?

By publishing your films on social networks, you get a huge possibility to obtain more prospects. Designing social media clips is about more than just creating appealing material to increase your chances of going viral. 

It’s additionally a terrific way to communicate with your user base and move them from social media to your mailing list.

Another way to create leads with videos is to include them on your landing page as highly interactive content. For instance, embed an explainer video to solve key customer pain points.

Paid video advertising on prominent networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is also an option. 

Finally, remember to add subtitles to your videos – with a tool like Happy Scribe’s video subtitles generation software since this will ensure better understanding and clarity for viewers.

4. Generate Trust With Visually Attractive Testimonials

visual content marketing

Consumer testimonials help build trust with people. They will assist you and your business whether you place them on your homepage or landing page.

Testimonials allow future customers to discover what current clients have to say about your brand and your offerings.

Anonymous testimonials, on the other hand, do not have the same impact on visitors. Including human images on your pages can boost conversion rates explosively, so make sure to provide a personal photo with your client testimonial wherever you can.

Testimonials with visual content enable your viewers to get an idea of who has positive opinions about your items, which increases your trustworthiness.

5. Enhance the Speed of Consuming Information

The brain must process letters, link them to write sentences, then paragraphs, and finally compositions while reading texts, but the brain processes a picture in just 13 milliseconds. Visualizations are thus a quick and easy way to convey information. 

As a result, leveraging graphics in the style of bar graphs, line charts, statistics, colorful iconography, eye-catching typography, and more takes primacy in communicating data to clients. 

Users may remember what they’ve viewed much more as compared to what they’ve heard or read, so take that into consideration. 

About 20% of what people read is remembered, and just 10% of whatever they hear is recalled. They can, however, recall 80% of the things they observe, which is unsurprising.

Visuals drive buying decisions. A huge chunk of consumers prefers to go through visualized content during the purchasing process rather than reading about a product.

Replacing texts with videos and pictures on your landing page enhances conversions and coerces prospects to buy from you – because they get a quick and clear idea about a product. 

Validate your concepts for performance during the design stage with AI-generated attention analytics

6. Generate more revenue

When the mind is forced to absorb far too much data, it becomes tired and disinterested. Showing instead of telling clients what they need to know is a more engaging method to convey information. 

It explains the problem while optimizing the message delivery procedure to the brain. Huge chunks of text or content that are too small are among the top reasons why people abandon websites. 

Good visual material, however, provides traffic. Using shareable pictures helps to establish credibility, resulting in a more solid audience base.

More visitors would want to see and engage with your business if your site tempts, impresses, and enthralls them. As the subscriber base and followers grow, sales will inevitably increase.

With numerous kinds of animations, voiceovers, character depictions, and more, videos, infographics (and infographic template), screengrabs, and images allow you to convey your messages in a visually enticing manner. You have the ability to create something incredibly intriguing.

Your visual content can be reused for a variety of sales strategies. While your site may have a variety of landing pages, graphics are simply more customizable.

You may utilize a single picture on your site, social media advertising, email marketing, product web pages, presentations, orientation emails, and whatever else comes to mind. When you consider all of the possibilities, the benefits of visuals are enormous.

Overall, they are an excellent tool to have at your fingertips, regardless of whatever you sell or how you want to market.


Visuals have an unquestionable impact on a digital marketing campaign’s ROI, and as a business owner, you really shouldn’t neglect the advantages of incorporating them into your business model. 

Using the correct visual content to generate traffic, enhance online presence, and boost conversions is a wonderful strategy for companies, and now we can acknowledge that visuals impact sales and conversions dramatically.

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