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14 best Google Optimize alternatives [AI tools included]

If you are a Google Optimize or Optimize 360 user probably now have a headache like a lot of other marketers and CRO specialists because have heard the news that these website optimization tools, no longer be available after September 3, 2023.

Screenshot of Google's statement about sunsetting Google Optimize

Google Optimize declares that one of the tool’s sunset reasons are lack of the features and services that customers request. Reporting is not real-time. Customers face support problems because the tool has just a self-service help center and community forum. On the other hand, Google doesn’t want to invest in improving this tool. 

As we know, Google Optimize is one of the most popular A/B testing tools, so information about Sunset affects a lot of businesses and solo entrepreneurs because this tool covers a lot of useful features:

  • allows to create of A/B tests
  • multivariate tests
  • split URL testing
  • audience targeting
  • personalization experiments
  • server-side experiments
  • easy setup, management, and editing
  • user-friendly interface
  • statistical analysis and reporting
  • plugins: WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, etc.
  • seamless integrations with other Google products: Google Analytics, Data Studio, Google Ads, Tag Manager, and others.

Unfortunately,  all users are forced to look for other Google Optimize alternatives with similar or better features that could continue testing. 

This analysis will cover the main tools’ FEATURES and focus on points very important for small businesses and solo specialists:

  • integrations
  • free trial or free version option
  • prices 
  • users’ reviews 
  • ratings, involving:  a) easy of use; b) quality of support; c) ease of setup.

The most insightful information comes from users’ opinions. For this reason, here will be used G2 platform data for analyzing Google Optimize alternative tools’ reviews and ratings.

            4.2 / 5 Stars (42 reviews)

Additionally, for clear understanding, a comparative study will be divided into the THREE types of tools:

  • paid 
  • having a free version
  • AI-driven tools

Table of Contents

Google Optimize alternatives. Paid versions


Screenshot of Convert homepage hero section


Convert is a comprehensive optimization platform specializing in A/B testing, Split URL Testing, Multipage Testing, advanced personalization, and experimentation. 

The platform provides real-time data and statistical analysis with an audience-targeting engine with 40+ filters and both: client-side and server-side editors. 


Has integrations with Google Analytics, Data Studio, Tag Manager, WordPress, Shopify, API access, and 90+ other integrations growing all the time. 

Free version

Available Demo version and Free trial for 15 days.

User ratings

4.7 / 5 Stars (with 50 reviews)

According to G2 ratings, the ease of use and setup of Convert is higher than that of Google Optimize. Quality of support is much higher – 9.5 points compared with Google Optimize 4.8 points.

Convert G2 user ratings


Plans depend on users and the number of experiments. It starts from the Community plan ($99 ) which has limited features, no collaborators, and just forum support.

For more testing users and features, for example, the Expert plan, prices are pretty high $1,119/month and more.

Screenshot of Convert pricing page

Additional comments:

  • Full-Stack is in the beta version at this moment.
  • The interface is not so intuitive for beginners like Google Optimize.


Convert is a comprehensive optimization platform with a lot of advanced features, but very carefully need to choose a plan and know exactly what’s important for you. 

On the other hand, plans with more testing users and features can be too expensive for small businesses.


Screenshot of Unbounce homepage hero section


Unbounce allows businesses to create and optimize landing pages with a wide range of templates (100+) and drag-and-drop features. The platform provides AI copywriting and can generate ad copy for all platforms just from URL.

Unbounce has a Smart Builder function that uses AI to recommend page improvements in real time and a Smart Traffic function that automatically sends traffic to the most relevant landing page. 

A/B testing capabilities help businesses to test different versions of their landing pages and improve conversion rates.


Have integrations with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, Calendly, WooCommerce, Zappier, and others without coding.

Free version

14-day free trial available.

User ratings

4.4 / 5 Stars (with 350 reviews). 

Unbounce G2 user ratings


Unbouce doesn’t have a free version, and the cheapest plan starts at $99, but if you order with yearly billing getting a 25% discount. The plan depends on visitors and conversions quantity.

Screenshot of Unbounce pricing page


The main limitation is that you can’t split-test existing landing pages created outside of Unbounce.

Overall, Unbounce is the most specialized for businesses looking to create optimized landing pages with an A/B testing option, while Google Optimize is for businesses looking to run A/B tests.


Screenshot of Freshworks homepage hero section


Freshmarketer is a part of the Freshworks platform that offers a range of products in one place – marketing, sales, and support.

Freshmarketer is a multichannel, conversational CRM, that enables marketing teams to create custom experiences for customers at every stage of their journey.

The platform provides valuable insights about behavior and allows automated conversations with website visitors using AI chatbots, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Additionally, the features like self-serve landing page builder, advanced analytics, and native CRO feature help to track customer engagement, and speed up lead generation and conversion.


Google Analytics, Gmail, Trello, Woocomerce, Asana, Mailchimp, and others. Freshmarketer is super friendly with the Shopify platform (one-click integration and customization with CRM).

Free version

The platform has a Demo version and a Free trial.

User ratings

4 / 5 stars (10 reviews). The users think that it’s easy to use the platform but are not happy with the quality of support.

Freshmarketer G2 user ratings


It’s possible to use the free version, but it’s extremely limited and intended for contact management and e-mail or social media marketing, but not for A/B testing.   

For businesses that need to measure, analyze, and understand customers’ interactions the plan starts at $19 and additionally depends on the number of contacts.

Screenshot of Freshmarketer pricing page


Overall, Freshmarketer is not a traditional A/B testing platform. It’s best suited for businesses looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their customer interactions and relationships. Even though this platform has a  lot of useful features and can help with conversion rate optimization, it’s not that similar to Google Optimize.


Screenshot of Convertize homepage hero section


Convertize is smart A/B testing software. 

SmartEditor function allows one to create experiments and edit pages without IT or coding. Autopilot mode helps to manage traffic and maximize conversions. 

The built-in Hybrid Statistics Engine prepares all the calculations for you, combining two kinds of A/B testing statistics to find the winners.

The useful features are dynamic text, drag-and-drop function, personalization, geolocation, Split URL Testing, targeting and segmentation, real-time results and reporting, unlimited experiments, and conversion tracking.

The platform has more than 150 A/B Testing ideas. It’s extremely useful for beginners who don’t know how to start and need ideas for inspiration.


WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Magento, Google Tag Manager.

No seamless integration with Google Analytics.

Free version

14 days free trial.

User ratings

Rating 3 / 5 stars (4 reviews). It’s not enough information and user reviews about setup, use, and support. On the other hand, 3 stars from 5 are not brilliant results. In G2 reviews users notice that after the acquisition process (The Convertize platform has been acquired by Glassbox – a digital experience analytics platform) the support has gone. It could be a temporary disorder related to the acquisition process.


The plans are really simple and clear, just need to choose a Solo or Team plan. All functions are the same in both plans. The differentiation is just in the number of projects and visitors. 

Screenshot of Convertize pricing page


Overall, Convertize is the alternative to Google Optimize for marketers looking for services with a lot of Smart functions and testing ideas. The platform offers a wide range of features and appropriate, clear prices.

ZOHO PageSense

Screenshot of Zoho PageSense homepage hero section


PageSense is one of the parts of the complete CRM platform Zoho.

It’s a conversion optimization and personalization platform with features like A/B test, Split URL and Multivariate tests, session recording, heatmaps, audience targeting, detailed reporting, drag & drop visual editor, and real-time data.

With PageSense is easy to track key website metrics, build conversion funnels, analyze visitor behavior, optimize conversions, and deliver personalized experiences for visitors based on their demographics and interests. 


Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Ads, and Chrome extension.

Free version

15-day Free trial.

User ratings

4.2 / 5 (25 reviews). Customers value the Zoho PageSense platform for ease of use but notice that the quality of support could be better.

Zoho PageSense G2 user ratings


It‘s one of the cheapest A/B testing tools having plans for beginners to experts. Starts at 20 euros/month, but yearly plans are cheaper and start from 12 euros. 

Overwise, if you are looking for a Google Optimize alternative, so you need A/B or Split URL testing and personalization features which are only in Optimize plan that starts at 30 euros/month.

Screenshot of Zoho PageSense pricing page


The main limitation is that the platform doesn’t have server-side testing and offers just client-side testing. 

Ultimately, if you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use option combining the power of web analytics, A/B testing, and personalization or you need a complete CRM platform it could be a good choice that helps to make informed business decisions for accessible prices even small businesses.

Google Optimize alternatives with the free version

VWO Testing

Screenshot of VWO Testing homepage hero section


VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is an A/B testing and personalization platform that helps optimize a website’s user experience and conversion rate. It’s one of the most mentioned tools as a Google Optimize alternative, even in the official Google Optimize sunset announcement. Additionally, VWO offers exclusive discounts for migrating from Google Optimize. 

VWO has features like A/B tests, multivariate tests, split URL tests,  advanced targeting, and segmentation options, allowing users to target specific audiences based on factors such as location, device, and referral source. 

This platform has a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop editor.  It’s possible to launch a test within minutes without any help from IT.


Has integrations with Google Analytics, WordPress, Tag Manager, Salesforce, and a lot of others.

Free version

Has a free trial.

User ratings

4.3 / 5 stars (466 reviews). The review’s quantity is really representative. The main difference between VWO and Google Optimize is the customer support rate. 

VWO Testing G2 user ratings


Pricing is based on the number of visitors and features. The free starter pack includes 50K visitors monthly traffic and limited features.

Screenshot of VWO pricing page


VWO testing and conversion optimization platform enables businesses to optimize websites and deliver a unique customer experience. 

The tool offers similar features to Google Optimize in the free version. If A/B, Split URL testing, and some other functions with limited visitors are enough for your website testing or conversion rate optimization needs, VWO is a good choice. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a tool with advanced features such as heatmaps, multivariate testing, visitor recording, and funnel analysis, VWO has what to offer for additional fees, but they are pretty high for small businesses.


Screenshot of PostHog homepage hero section


PostHog is an open-source platform having everything to help engineers build better products. The platform is balanced for builders and enables them to create their own integrations and plugins.

Users can capture events, perform analytics, record user sessions, conduct experiments, and deploy new features. The platform offers advanced tracking and user behavior analysis which help to make data-driven decisions to improve products. 

The main features are A/B and Multivariate tests, user segmentation, path analysis, traffic and funnels.


50+ integrations like Google Tag Manager, Shopify, WordPress, Slack, API, and others.

No seamless Google Analytics integration.

Free version

Has a free version.

User ratings

4.3 / 5 stars (266 reviews). The users notice that it’s engineering a friendly platform but not so easy to use for others. The free plan has just community-based support.

PostHog G2 user ratings


PostHog has a free version with 1 million events/ month, but the A/B testing feature is not included in this version.

For A/B testing need a Scale plan which is priced per the number of users. It’s hard to understand the last price because the plan information looks complicated and counts on events, session recordings, and other parameters.

Screenshot of PostHog pricing page


PostHog great choice for companies that need a flexible, customizable solution and a lot of options for analytics. 

It’s an open-source platform so sometimes could need an understanding of coding or IT solutions. Users say that a bit difficult to understand for the first time and needs time to get familiar with.


Screenshot of Statsig homepage hero section


Statsig is an A/B testing, experimentation, and feature flagging platform that allows running a wide range of experiments and tests to optimize websites or product features.

The platform’s main features: Multivariate tests, A/B/n tests, data visualization, and a meta-analysis with insights. 


Supports ingestion from the following providers: BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks, Synapse, and S3. 

No integrations with Google Analytics or other plugins which are in other platforms.

Free version

No Free trial. Has a free version with limited features. The support function is just in the Slack platform.

User ratings

No reviews or ratings about this tool in the G2 platform and other similar rating platforms 


The platform pricing model is events-based. The free version is up to 500M events per year and is fit for feature management. This plan doesn’t provide an A/B testing option, so need to choose a PRO plan where the price is not clear because depends on events.

Screenshot of Statsig pricing page


If you’re looking for a more comprehensive feature management & experimentation platform that includes flagging, A/B testing, and analytics Statsig could be one of the choices.

The main minus is that it’s not possible to find users’ reviews on rating platforms for objective comparison. 


Screenshot of Split homepage hero section


Split is a feature flagging and experimentation platform that allows you to run A/B and Multivariate tests. It’s everything in one place for an engineering team needs to successfully roll out new features into production. 

The platform provides enterprises with control, and data-driven insights, combining web, mobile, and server-side feature flags.


Integrations with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Slack, Azure, Jira, and others.

Free version

Has a free version but no free trial

User ratings

4.7 / 5 Stars (89 reviews). The users are satisfied with the quality of support. Although the free plan has just community help on the Slack platform.

Split G2 user ratings


The free version does not include A/B testing. Actually, A/B testing is not included in the Team plan also.  

This function needs a Business plan for 60 USD/month per seat. Only by using this plan, it’s possible to make data-driven decisions.

Screenshot of Split pricing page


If you are interested in feature flagging, and A/B testing, and want to run experiments to check new product features, Split paid versions are good choices having great and higher-than-average ratings.

Google Optimize alternatives. AI tools

AI tools change the rules in the A/B testing field and can help to see conversion rate optimization and all testing options from another perspective.

Small businesses often use Google Optimize because it is a free tool and has enough functionality for their needs. They don’t have enough finance and traffic for complex experimentation and analysis using platforms that are balanced for big players. 

AI-powered tools change the situation and deliver results with less or no traffic and design performance with pre-launch analytics.

Attention Insight

Screenshot of Attention Insight homepage hero section


Attention Insight is a visual analytics tool that uses AI deep learning model trained on eye-tracking data to predict where people will focus attention on a webpage.

It analyzes a webpage design and provides a heatmap showing areas that are likely to attract the most attention, allowing you to optimize the layout and design of your webpage for the best UX and maximum conversions. You don’t need live traffic or large sample sizes.

The core features: 

  • Attention heatmaps that help to identify the attention-grabbing parts of the webpage. 
  • Comparison Mode. A/B testing insights about designs without live traffic. 
  • Percentage of Attention and Focus Map.
  • Clarity Score assessing how clean is webpage or design. 
  • Attention Report, recommendations, and shareable analyses.
  • Testing not only website designs or marketing material but videos also.


Has integrations with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, API, Zapier and Chrome extension.

Free version

Has a 7-day free trial

User ratings

4.8 / 5 stars (29 reviews). According to users’ reviews setup, use, and quality of support are much higher than the market average.

Attention Insight G2 user ratings


Very clear pricing model and is friendly for solopreneurs, designers, UX experts, CRO specialists, or small business teams. It’s possible to validate concepts for performance during the design stage with AI-generated attention analytics just for 19 euros/month. 

The Solo or Small Team plans to have live chat support. The Team plan users are taken care of dedicated account manager. It’s one of the reasons why the ratings of quality of support are so high – 9.6, the other tools’ average is just 8.9 points.


If you’re looking to optimize the design and layout of your webpage for maximum attention, engagement, and conversion rate optimization – Attention Insight suitable and very good choice.

It’s very easy to set up and use the tool, which fits even total beginners. Visual testing based on AI saves money because don’t need real traffic for experimentation and optimizations.


Screenshot of ABtesting homepage hero section


ABtesting is an A/B testing tool that uses Artificial Intelligence for creating and testing different variations of the landing page. 

It helps to find the best fit for your audience, increasing conversions and reducing costs. The tool has AI-powered text suggestions for headlines, copies, and CTAs.

ABtesting offers one type of testing, called Evolutionary Algorithm which is like a better version of Google’s Multivariate Testing. This algorithm can understand the results of an experiment and create the best combinations.


Google Analytics, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Tag Manager, and others.

Free version

Has a free version. 

User ratings

In the G2 platform no reviews or rating tables. 

No information about support possibilities before starting.


The platform has a Free plan consist just 1 experiment and limited AI-generated variations. Other plans depend on unique visitors and AI-generated variations.

Screenshot of ABtesting pricing page


ABtesting will save you time, and money, and won’t need that much traffic to increase conversions because uses Artificial Intelligence to find the best combination. 

Google Optimize creates every variant possible, and ABtesting only creates the ones that have the best probability to convert.

Dynamic Yield

Screenshot of Dynamic Yield homepage hero section


Dynamic Yield is an AI-powered platform, that delivers personalized experiences, maximizes user engagement, and offers automated conversion optimization.

The platform offers a variety of features such as:

  • Data management and product recommendations 
  • Advanced personalization and targeting
  • A/B testing and optimization of different website elements such as content or layout. 
  • Predictive targeting using AI.
  • Client and server-side testing in one platform. 
  • Supports omnichannel testing and tracking: Web, E-mail, Apps, and Ads.
  • Real-time testing. 


Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Salesforce, open API, and others.

Free version

No free version or free trial but it’s possible to request a product demo. 

User ratings

4.4 / 5 Stars (106 reviews). Ratings from users are lower than average.

Dynamic Yield G2 user ratings


Customized price model. Before starting to use the platform need to talk with the sales team, which will offer a price plan. It takes additional time and is hard to estimate whether the prices are suitable especially for small businesses.


Overall, Dynamic Yield is a powerful and sophisticated tool that offers a wider range of personalization and optimization features. However, it can be more complex to set up and use, especially for users who need the main  A/B testing features. 

Obviously, a lot of possibilities of features will be at a higher price level and could be not appropriate for small businesses.


Screenshot of Intellimize homepage hero section


Intellimize is an AI-powered platform that uses machine learning to create personalized experiences and helps marketers to test and optimize websites at scale. 

The main advantage – is Continuous Conversion™, a machine learning optimization approach that outperforms A/B testing, multivariate testing, and traditional, rules-based personalization.  

The main features:

  • Easy set-up experiments using the no-code visual editor.
  • Personalization and testing of any element or variation of any page on the website.
  • Optimization of the individual steps of each buyer’s unique journey in real-time.
  • Al-powered copy suggestions to create and launch meaningful content variations in minutes.
  • Full picture in one holistic dashboard and one-click Google Analytics integration.


Google Analytics, Marketo, and others, but no direct WordPress integration.

User ratings

4.9 / 5  stars (37 reviews). Very impressive ratings of quality of support, even  9.9 scores.

Intellimize G2 user ratings


Using the Continuous ConversionTM feature doesn’t have to wait for website tests to reach stat sig to determine a winning variation. Everything is adapting in real-time and all users see personalized variations. 

It’s possible to test all creative marketing ideas that perform best: faster, easier, and more impactful. 


Screenshot of Evolv homepage hero section


Evolv is an AI-powered platform that uses machine learning to optimize website experiences, testing thousands of possible variations to identify winning combinations. Built on a SaaS Platform with easy integration into existing environments.

It offers a variety of features such as:

  • Real-time testing and optimization.
  • Omnichannel personalization, which increases sales by closing the gap between your online and in-store shopping experience.
  • Delivering the right experience to the audience across multiple touchpoints.
  • Manual and automatic targeting.
  • Experimentation and personalization on any digital channel.
  • Designed to work seamlessly with any technology stack.


Ads campaigns, Shopify, Salesforce, and an API that ensures integration with your existing systems.

Don’t have direct integration with Google Analytics.

Free version

No free version or free trial, but possible to schedule a Demo. 

User ratings

3.5 / 5 stars (1 review). Not enough data in the G2 platform for rating visualization.


No price plans information.


It is AI solutions-based and complex platform that automatically optimizes website experiences for individual visitors in real time. 

The biggest minus is that platform doesn’t have a free trial that would be possible to check possibilities and not enough reviews forming an opinion about the ease of use or quality of support if faced problems.

Additional Google Optimize alternatives

Here were analyzed 14 tools that could be Google Optimize alternatives but are much more. There are the additional 4 tools that could be an option because they have useful A/B testing functions, but they better fit businesses that have bigger budgets.

  • Optimizely Web Experimentation AI-powered personalization and experimentation platform offering a complete set of digital experience optimization technologies for enterprise marketing, product, and engineering teams. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands. The platform has a customized price model.

  • Omniconvert is an advanced experimentation tool that is mostly used by agencies, and dev & product teams that want to launch advanced experiments. The free version has very basic features. For testing, experimentation, and optimization need to use a plan which starts at 299 USD/per month.

  • ABtasty is an optimization solution for enterprises looking to use controlled experimentation, recommendation, and intelligent search to build better digital experiences across all channels. Need to contact for price plans.

  • Webtrends Optimize It is a testing and optimization tool that helps businesses increase their online conversions and allows experimentation without restrictions.  A free plan fits just for beginners depending on the number of sessions, other price plans start from 179 pounds/month.

For wider perception, here you will find more information about website optimization tools and web analytic tools.

Below is the summary table for quick checking of the main points.

Tool Free trial Free version Rating (stars) Price starts at Integration with Google Analytics Quality of support
Google Optimize No Yes 4.2 (42 reviews) - Yes 4.8
Convert Yes No 4.7 (50 reviews) $99 Yes 9.5
Unbounce Yes No 4.4 (350 reviews) $99 Yes 8.6
Freshmarketer Yes Yes 4 (10 reviews) $19 Yes 7.5
Convertize Yes No 3 (4 reviews) $49 No -
Zoho PageSense Yes No 4.2 (25 reviews) $20 Yes 7.5
VWO Yes Yes 4.3 (466 reviews) €293 Yes 8.7
PostHog No Yes 4.3 (266 reviews) Need to ask No 8.3
Statsig No Yes - Need to ask No -
Split No Yes 4.7 (89 reviews) $33 Yes 9.5
Attention Insight Yes No 4.8 (29 reviews) €19 No 9.6
ABtesting No Yes - $19 Yes -
Dynamic Yield No No 4.4 (106 reviews) Need to ask Yes 8.8
Intellimize No No 4.9 (37 reviews) Need to ask Yes 9.9
Evolv No No 3.5 (1 review) Need to ask No -


The best alternative which could replace Google Optimize will depend on your business’s UNIQUE needs. Very important to choose a tool that offers the most appropriate combination of features that are crucial for your business goals. Consider factors such as ease of use, integrations, support level, reviews, and of course – price. 

On the other hand, my recommendation would be to pay attention to AI-based platforms. It can be a great alternative to Google Optimize. AI-based tools offer advanced capabilities for data analysis, personalization, testing, and experimentation. You can make data-driven decisions and optimize even if you are a small business or solopreneur and don’t have traffic, or want to test before launching. 

Most tools have Demos or Free trials, so good choice to check all factors, especially to try how AI-based tools work and discover new optimization options from a different perspective.

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