See how consumers engage with your landing page advertisement packaging before the launch

See how your concepts perform
before you click publish

Validate your concepts for performance during the design
stage with AI-generated attention analytics
Delivering critical pre-launch insights for

Catching your audience's
attention is harder than ever

To find out if your ads, landing pages, apps, and package designs will perform, you have to launch them.
And run traffic to them. And have large sample sizes.
And this always takes longer and costs more than it should.

Get crucial performance feedback on your concepts before you launch them

Attention Insight’s predictive attention heatmaps show you potential performance issues during the design phase. So you can make sure your concepts will perform better from the second you publish them.
heatmap of Asana landing page

Optimize designs with Attention Insight while working with your favorite tools

Attention Insight helps you

Drive higher conversions

Get AB testing insights about your concepts—without needing live traffic or large sample sizes.
It will sure give you a better starting position. CRO specialists know that starting halfway up the ladder is much better than starting at the bottom. If you can use AI to approximately measure the site’s CRO before running traffic, you will save time and resources for yourself and your clients.

Joshua Lim

Growth Strategist at Social Hackrs

Improve UX and usability

See how potential users would interact with different layouts or designs and revise concepts to deliver better user experiences.
It has never been easier to get quality feedback on the design of a product that’s under development. Attention Insight helps us avoid many discussions with customers on what’s good and what’s not.

Audrius Alisaukas

CEO of Dancly

Validate your concepts

Show your team, your boss, or your clients how your designs will convert, with the attention metrics in hand to back it up.
Attention Insight is such a brilliant tool. It brings the power of a generally available tool only to big enterprises to small companies and agencies. I just closed a $3K deal using this, validating a concept with a new client.

Leonardo Wolff

Founder of Eikonikos

Predictive analytics with 94% accuracy

Attention Insight’s AI automatically predicts changes in visual attention based on 30,800 images from eye-tracking studies.
Meaning attention predictions are 90% accurate for web images, and 94% accurate for non-web images—based on results comparisons to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s data set of images and eye-tracking data.

Launch with full confidence

Get crucial performance feedback on your concepts before you publish them with Attention Insight

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