Attention Insight CEO Kamile Jokubaite participates in the “Tech Talks Daily” podcast

Attention Insight on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast

In September, Kamile Jokubaite, CEO of Attention Insight participated in the Tech Talks Daily podcast. Kamilė shares her thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence is shaping the marketing industry’s future.

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast (formerly known as the Tech Blog Writer Podcast) is hosted by Tech Columnist and Podcaster Neil C. Hughes. On his daily show, he interviews tech leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and thought leaders about how technology is transforming their business.

Tech Talks Daily podcast host Neil C. Hughes

On the 1351st episode of Tech Talks Daily, Kamile shares the backstory of her startup. Kamile tells us what problems she saw in the pre-launch campaign testing process during her career years in marketing agencies. She also explains how it led her to co-found the AI-driven pre-launch analytics SaaS platform, Attention Insight, which instantly predicts where users look when engaging with web design.

After that, Kamile elaborates on the technology and the accuracy of the Attention Insight and provides a few use case examples. Later on, Neil asks Kamile about her take on currently emerging trends in the marketing industry. According to her, the increasing use of AI in marketing is the most significant trend.

She also has a message to everyone afraid that AI will steal their job:

“AI will not replace marketers, but marketers who leverage and use AI will replace the ones that do not.”

It seems that learning how to work hand in hand with AI is a good idea.

At the very end, Kamile disclosed the future plans of the Attention Insight. To find out what updates we will introduce in the near future and also to learn in more detail about beforehand mentioned topics, listen to the whole Tech Talks Daily podcast episode. 

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