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Attention Insight on the Good Life Coach Podcast

Last week “Attention Insight” CEO Kamile Jokubaite was invited to take part in “The Good Life Coach” podcast and share her thoughts about success and artificial intelligence. “The Good Life Coach” podcast is the show which tries to awaken listeners to their full potential and each week the host of the podcast Michele Lamoureux interviews inspiring women entrepreneurs and discuss with them about success on their own terms. 

On 72nd episode of “The Good Life Coach” Michele and Kamile talked about “Attention Insight” journey, which started because of Kamile’s as a marketer’s wish to find data-driven ways how to make design decisions and her friends Ieva’s as biophysicist search of how to apply eye-tracking technology more broadly, to different industries. Those who do not know, this is how “Attention Insight”, the platform which instantly predicts where users look when engaging with web design, came to be.

Without talking about “Attention Insight” story, on what basis it works and what is the importance of this platform, Michele and Kamile, in general, discussed artificial intelligence’s (AI) topic and how it blends in our daily lives while we are not even noticing it. Nowadays, AI becomes the biggest growing field from a technology point of view and it is even referred as forth revolution, so Kamile was asked what does she think about AI ethical issues and taking over, for example, human job places. Answering the question “Attention Insight” CEO named that AI will take over our main, daily life tasks and that in the future it will become our co-workers. However, it still will not change the uniqueness of human, which includes creativity, strategic thinking and AI using will just improve our potential as experts in our own fields.

As the “Good Life Coach” podcast tries to provide actionable tips to guide listeners to design a life they love and pays attention to women entrepreneurs, Kamile was asked to share pieces of advice for women who want to become entrepreneurs and her best tips for living a good life. So listen to the whole interview down below and find out more not even about mentioned tips but also some other interesting facts about “Attention Insight” platform.

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