5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

The power of video content can never be underestimated. More than ever before, video content has become crucial to a vast audience. If a business is adamantly against using videos, it’s likely not helping its cause. However, it’s worth noting that video marketing isn’t devoid of risks. Let’s examine some typical errors in video marketing. These are some difficulties that budding content creators may encounter, and we’ll also discuss how these hurdles can be avoided.

Creating Videos Simply Because You Have the Ability

Video marketing has become simple with the widespread availability and affordability of video production and editing tools. These tools are even accessible on your phone, which may tempt you to dive into video marketing without a solid rationale for generating video content.

This could result in you wasting time creating videos that fail to convert views into sales or achieve your marketing objectives. Therefore, take your time with video marketing just because producing video content is easier.

Contacting a video production Sydney company can help you evaluate your brand identity and your products or services. Keep the entertaining dance-offs and amusing antics for your personal social media presence. Uploading indiscriminate videos to your business account can lead to content that lacks a specific marketing aim and provides no benefit to your business. Videos that deviate from your brand message or topic can confuse your audience about your company’s offerings.

Uploading Videos to the Wrong Account

It’s common for marketers to find it more convenient to just upload a video to their personal account. Even worse, they might accidentally post one of their private videos to their work account. 

While this may appear easier since it only requires one email login, it’s actually quite unprofessional. This approach can lead to your personal video being suggested after a company video, which detracts from the goal of promoting the brand instead of your recent personal antics. This can distort your analytics, creating challenges when you’re trying to gauge the success of your account.

Creating an Overly Long Video

The digital age has conditioned individuals to possess brief attention spans regarding media content. If you desire your video to be viewed, it must be concise, engaging, and direct. To sidestep this pitfall, remove any unnecessary content from your video. Set a target duration at the start of your video creation process.

Aim for a video length of 30 to 90 seconds, with 60 seconds as the ideal duration. Remove lengthy introductions and dive directly into the core content. If you take up the initial 10 seconds of your video with an extended intro, you risk losing a significant portion of your audience before the main message begins.

Prioritize your video’s structure. As the data indicates that most viewers don’t watch videos until the end, ensure you display your logo, website URL, unique selling proposition, and call to action (more on this later) at the start of your video.

Utilizing an Inappropriate Tone

In video marketing, the tone of your content carries significant weight. Without due diligence, you might risk appearing unprofessional or overly pushy in sales. The optimal way to maintain the appropriate tone is by understanding your target audience and deciding on the impact you wish to create.

For instance, a fun and light-hearted tone could be highly effective if you aim to reach parents with young kids. Conversely, adopting a more formal and serious tone would be more suitable if your audience comprises business professionals.

Not Adequately Promoting Your Videos

Many content distribution platforms are equipped to handle video content. Therefore, your promotional videos can be showcased on platforms beyond just YouTube. You have the ability to feature your videos on your website’s landing page, integrate them into your blog for enhanced content, or include them in your email marketing efforts.

The goal of these promotional methods is to expand brand recognition. In doing so, it’s important not to merely share a link to your video but rather upload it directly onto your content distribution platform. Videos uploaded this way garner more interaction and views than linked videos.


A robust video marketing plan can propel your business to new heights. On the other hand, a defective video marketing strategy can lead your business into deep failure. Therefore, it’s essential to join forces with a trustworthy video marketing firm with comprehensive knowledge about all video-related matters to ensure your video marketing is free from errors.

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