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5 Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Webflow Expert

Finding the right Webflow experts is as simple as drafting and sending your project submission form to Webflow Experts. However, that may not be the right way to go about it. First, you have to become familiar with Webflow itself and hone your objectives based on what the platform can allow you to do.

In this article, we explore the proper steps to follow when trying to locate the right Webflow experts to avoid contacting one while unprepared or encountering needless frustration before your project starts. 

1. Familiarize yourself with Webflow

Even if you don’t have development or design experience, the Webflow University free courses are an excellent way to learn more about the platform’s capabilities and limits.

After some tutorials on Webflow University, you could find out that you don’t need to hire anyone or need less help than you initially assumed. That’s the great thing about codeless platforms; they make everything accessible.

A fundamental understanding of Webflow will help you know what you need and pinpoint an expert best-suited to help.

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2. Figure out your search scope, budget, and objectives

Once you understand how the platform works, you have to figure out what you need, how much you are willing/able to spend, how to approach the hiring process, and whether to hire a freelancer or agency. Details will allow you to move the process along faster, with fewer hiccups and a good chance of achieving the outcome.

It is worth keeping in mind that Webflow is not a catch-all, and in some cases, your savings come from the back end and the developers’ ability to set up updates that don’t need more developer help.

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3. Freelancer or agency?

One thing to note regarding this question is that freelancers are great when you explicitly define their roles and tasks. With the extra human resources, agencies can cover a much broader base of deliverables. When choosing a webflow expert, take into account the following:

  • The experience of the developer(s)
  • The complexity of the project
  • The liability involved (agencies perform better as conditions get stricter)
  • The relationship you have with the expert

Freelancers, where appropriate, are a less expensive option that can deliver faster on projects that one person can handle.

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4. Create a shortlist and get in touch

When you have defined what you need done and know which webflow experts would suit it, create a list to guide you when you finally get in touch. You can develop a full hiring methodology based on what you want or expect from a developer.

Your best way of hiring is via Request for Proposal (RFP). Is it perfect? No. However, you can be comprehensive and give the experts as much information as possible so they can give you valuable answers.

So, what’s in the RFP?

The project summary

  • A brief background of your company
  • The main objectives
  • The scope of the projected
  • The sitemap (approx. number of pages)
  • The milestone or timeline
  • Technical requirements
  • Budget
  • What you prefer in a hire

5. Talk to the experts

A mass email might be helpful for minor jobs requiring speedy delivery. However, because these requests are sent to everyone, certain frontend developers consider them inconvenient and prefer not to answer mass project requests (as a matter of principle). The disadvantage is that you may miss out on a fantastic developer.

Individual emails may be the best strategy for assignments requiring a customized solution. You will have to put in more work to establish and narrow down your list of choices. Include a brief introduction of yourself, your organization, the project, the budget, and the overall timeline.

When the expert gets back in touch, you can send them the RFP and wait for their responses. This should narrow things down and allow you to make the best choice possible. Please do not ask for free work on your RFP (it is a bad look!)

NOTE: When you finally select someone, remember to get back to the people you did not hire and let them know that you have chosen so you don’t leave them hanging. It’s just polite.

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To Wrap Up

Now that you have your developer, it is time to get going. As we have noted in our steps, the process begins with you understanding what Webflow does. With that as your starting point, locating web flow experts that can deliver what you need should be much simpler.

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