Top 9 WordPress Web Design Trends in 2022

Top 9 WordPress Web Design Trends in 2022

The web design market is difficult to be in, especially if you’re just starting. With the thousands of designers vying for a spot in the marketplace, standing out can be a real challenge. Fortunately, we have gathered a list of the top WordPress web design trends that are sure to keep your business relatable and competitive among others.

With the changing web designing trends, WordPress developers also try to keep up with those trends. The main goal behind this change is to make a better user interface. This trend is changing faster than we can imagine and as an online business owner, you have to keep your website up to date with this trend. Trends include rich typography, using WordPress page builder over manual coding, different layouts like a grid, simple navigation bars, smooth textured colors, and other things. Currently, designers are using low code or no-code tools to complete the design even faster than spending more time in the coding and debugging process.

Following are the nine trends that will surely keep your business website updated with the current market and ahead of your competitors.

Top WordPress Web Design Trends for 2022

1. Drag & Drop Builder

The drag and drop builder comes at number one in the design trend list. With this builder, the business owner can customize their design while building a website with no code experience. This functionality enables the designer to have a look at exactly how a web page will look like.

There are many WordPress page builders like WP Bakery, Elementor, etc. Drag and drop is the most preferred method of editing because it allows anyone with no coding experience to build a web page or even a website without any complications.


2. Virtual Machine enabled Assistant / Chatbot

Virtual assistant or chatbot functions allow you to be available through and through to solve or record your customer’s issues. This functionality helps you not to engage any humans at this place. The most advanced customer service chatbot will help you to record and solve user queries with predefined FAQs..

WordPress plugins like Tidio or Chatbot allow you to use multiple functionalities such as live chat, chatbot, email integration, and messenger. It can be programmed to record the answer to common questions regarding a specific service.

3. Interactive Conversion Options

You have heard of chatbots, and they help the customers to communicate their problems with the customer service agent. However, it does not guarantee to sustain that customer. This problem leads to an interactive solution of introducing a CTA design.

An interactive CTA consists of a dynamic caption like call us now on it in WordPress that makes it easier for the user to connect with the customer support team instantly. As such strategy can minimize lead bounce rate and improve conversion. You can use WordPress plugins to create interactive CTA designs, and also there are other tools available outside the WordPress store that can offer the same.

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4. AR & VR

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) came into action in early 2020. It is proving to be dominant to the classic web design trends. It is and will change the scope and shape of the future of web design. This trend is mostly used by business owners who rely on multimedia services, only live video editing or photography. eCommerce business owners are also using this trend to visualize their products in VR functionality.

Plugins like Ozisti allow you to build a website with AR effect, which makes user experience improved and seamless. Apps like PokemonGo allow you to experience mobile games with AR functionality, while the Ikea Place mobile app allows you to experience what your furniture will look like in your house before even purchasing it.

By using this VR theme from WordPress you can make it easier to focus on the real content, open up the possibilities of interaction and strengthen the trust of users with demo-like elements.


5. Content Accessibility

If you have a website, you must make it accessible to everybody; it is a legal requirement in the United States now under section 508. This amendment requires agencies to make electronic and information technology accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, when developing, procuring, maintaining, or using it.

You can use some accessibility features like OverSized text, Minimalist Menus, audiovisual, specific colour contrast for partial visual disability, Readability, Animation and effects to make your website accessible to all users. These plugins can make your website more comprehensive. They can give you a chance to connect with a wider user base.

6. Voice Search

Due to the popularity of Siri, Google Assistant, and other voice-activated virtual assistants, voice search has become a trend since 2020 and is followed by many big companies particularly eCommerce websites like Flipkart, and Amazon. Plus this function will help you to set up your SEO more accurately as you can set exact keywords for the users to choose the right words.

Thanks to WordPress developers for the Universal Voice Search plugin which you can use for implementing Voice Search in your business. They have also provided the step by step tutorials that are available on their official page to integrate this plugin into your website.

7. Use Of White Space & Minimalism

As WordPress web design trends continue to evolve and improve, one thing remains constant: the use of white space and minimalism. White space improves the quality of reading and understanding. It balances the elements used on the website by creating a natural flow of navigation throughout the website.

Some benefits of White Space are:

  1. It focuses on what is really important.
  2. It is simple to hook your reader’s attention.
  3. Increases imagination and creativity

Minimalist website strategy helps designers to remove unwanted elements from a website and keep the spotlight on the main content only. WordPress themes like Impreza, Enfold, and EcoCoded are good examples of minimalist websites. Even WordPress, Amazon, or social media like Instagram uses both White space and minimalist techniques to attract huge web traffic by keeping the website simple for user experience.

You can create your Minimalist website by:

  1. Using solid and vibrant colors.
  2. Keeping your text short and sweet.
  3. Choosing sans-serif fonts.
  4. Using a visible user interface with buttons, tabs, and functionalities.

8. Parallax Effect

The parallax effect saw the light of the day in early 2020 and is still shining the same. This crazy technique is the process of designing the background of the website which moves slower than the foreground when the user scrolls the website top to bottom and vice versa.

In the background, the designer can use images or any animation related to the providing service or a video as well. Well-known brand Apple uses this stunning feature for its website design specially for its brand new Iphone presentation. This gives a spectacular 3D effect to the user.

9. Progressive Web App

Another useful web design that is a hot-selling cake in the market is the Progressive Web app (PWA). The main functionality of this technique is to serve both mobile platforms at once. If you are an online service provider with no native mobile app, you can go for this trend.

This technique takes less storage on the user’s mobile as well as users can save this web app to their home screen without any installation. The key element of the Progressive Web app includes:

  • They are discoverable so that the web contents can be found through search engines whenever a user searches for a specific service.

  • They are installable with minimum or no storage space; as compared to native mobile apps it can be easily added on the device’s home screen or app launcher.

  • They are linkable, by sharing URLs.

  • They are partially dependent on the network, which means offline devices or devices with a poor network connection will not affect their performance significantly.

  • They are specially designed with a response feature, so they can be accessed on any device with a screen and a browser. The device can be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or smart TV.


The trends of web design are continuously changing through the years. The technologies and standards are mostly updated every 5 to 6 years. Each era increases competition in the digital market. The best way for web designers is to stay informed and updated about these constant and rapid changes. Even though there is not any definite answer to which technology will be popular in the next five years, it is vital to predict that web designing trends can make you outperform your competitors.

You can do one thing: you can anticipate new, clean, bold, and vivid concepts with the best visuals to spruce up your website. In reality, the best thing you can do is maintain your website updated. This will have a favourable effect on the value of your brand. The adjustments in notifying your business will quickly improve providing more than a professional appearance.

The Internet infrastructure is improving and it is no longer necessary to download an app to access a website. Instead, these days users can access your website instantly with a snap of a finger. The web design trends for 2022 are matching the pace of every digital marketing trend that already exist.

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