The Future of Design: What Is the Next Big Change

Our team has decided to interview the most intrigue creators from around the world and ask to share their predictions for  the future of design. Hope, these short talks will inspire you and give some useful insights. Enjoy!

What will be the future of design or the next big change?

I think that a fusion between the human handprint and technology will be increasingly important. A hybrid between traditional techniques and high-tech solutions. There are constantly emerging new possibilities, techniques, and ways to express oneself. But I do think that we should strive to keep some analog aspect in the work. I believe that this might be the piece that speaks to the beholder and helps to improve visual engagement. And then mix it up with all new programs and cool tools.

I think mobile device marketing is developing really fast. There’s much more need to design for wearables. People spend more and more time with their devices, which raises design standards to a higher point (performance speed, attractiveness, usability, experience). In my opinion, the fundamental principles of design will stay the same, just possibly changing the medium or toolset over time.

Seems we are going totally clean clean clean. Take a look at dropbox, mailchimp, intercom, figma… You can notice the slow progression of how minimal things are getting. I love that. It really allows websites to focus on delivering meaningful messages and experiences.

Filip Justić design
Web design by Filip Justić

The future of design - interactive design being used from 3D design and interactive media. Or maybe a nice way of making interactive websites to use on Oculus devices. Or either a new form of coding for websites and designer interfaces.

Oh if I knew, I would play lottery tonight! In my opinion there is a nice trend in design to keep it unpolished, which I think is going to stick for a while. It’s a nice contrast between sleek and clean, UI like designs. It creates a familiar space of imperfection. Crafted to look effortlessly unfinished.

Marta Satterthwaite web design
Web design by Marta Satterthwaite

I think the technology will change even faster. Issues such as sustainability and lack of resources will become more important in the social debate. Designer, who are at the beginning of a product development chain, has to deal more intensively with these social issues. As a result, designers should continue to develop their capabilities, such as the initiation of public debates or directing discussions between technology and ethics. On the other hand, I believe that design fields that deal with societal and technological future scenarios will grow stronger.

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