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The last few years have seen one of the most significant shifts in consumer preferences and highlight how the global economy impacts how people live, work, and shop. The global supply chain was dramatically affected during the worldwide pandemic, which saw many more people turn to e-commerce. This consumer market strongly relies on clear and concise packaging and labels to sell products.

Furthermore, the packaging and label manufacturing industry continues to evolve to meet the latest trends, changing regulations, and consumer expectations. Understanding the newest trends and how they impact your company will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors while still maintaining a business model that positively contributes to sustainability in a cost-effective way.


It should come as no surprise that sustainability is one of the leading trends in the packaging and labeling industry. As the world becomes increasingly more environmentally conscious, green-label solutions will continue to be an essential trend for 2024.

Sustainable labels are made from a variety of eco-friendly materials, including recycled paper, biodegradable plastic, and naturally made inks. As more and more consumers align themselves with brands that positively contribute to a sustainable future, making the switch to green packaging is a fantastic way for businesses to show their commitment to the environment.

Smart Labels

The world of smart technology is growing incredibly fast. And while smart labels are not a new trend in packaging and labeling, 2024 will see them expand ever further across all industries. These labels use technology like QR codes and near-field communication to provide customers with additional information about the product they have bought, such as where and how it is sourced and other relevant sustainability information.

Smartphones are one of the most used items in the world, and having a simple code to scan on the go that will offer consumers a more in-depth understanding of a company and its products, making it a simple and worthwhile addition to embrace.

Agile Supply Chains

Product lifecycles are becoming shorter, and consumer preferences are changing quicker than ever before. The pressure on brands to get their products onto shelves in the shortest time possible is higher than ever before, meaning many companies need to be prepared to print and produce a wide range of labels and packaging with the ability to switch when required.

Maintaining strong brand engagement, increased sustainable solutions, and effective product traceability requires an agile supply chain that can adapt to the changing environment. Employing innovative labeling solutions that effortlessly merge into this supply chain will allow a company to keep up with ever-changing demands.


Nostalgic Designs

The feeling of nostalgia is a powerful emotion that many of us feel on a fairly regular basis. After the past few turbulent years, people are looking back to simpler and more comforting times. The nostalgia trend has made a comeback in the fashion and interior design industry and has since made its way to the world of packaging and labeling.

While it is a popular trend to embrace and capitalize on, brands should be mindful when implementing it. In many ways, the world has changed significantly since the decades people feel nostalgic about, meaning a forward-thinking and inclusive brand image is essential not to alienate the current market.

Transparent Labeling

Transparent labeling gained popularity in 2023, and this chic labeling option continues to be a popular choice in the new year. This is mainly because they allow consumers to visibly see a product before purchasing while still providing all the necessary information required on product labels.

For businesses who want to maintain the aesthetic value of their products and relay all necessary information needed to customers, clear labels will be the ideal solution.

Maintaining Legislation

Frequent changes to industry legislation are among the leading factors that force brands to change the content on their packaging and labels. Inaccurate labeling or labels that do not meet regulations in certain industries will not only put your company at risk of legal consequences but it could contribute to a loss of public trust.

Thankfully, many leading label production companies understand the need for versatile labeling solutions, creating technology that will quickly meet these constant changes without incurring unwanted waste or time-to-market delays.

Brand Protection Solutions

The illegal trade of counterfeited goods is growing rapidly. Businesses across industries see billions lost to this trade, facing a significant challenge to protect their brand and business model against product diversion, liabilities, and reputation loss.

Combining high-speed hardware and software to create multi-layered labeling protection equipped with simple markers, specialty inks, or RF-active devices allows you to pinpoint authentic products and labels throughout the supply chain, including the distribution stage, to eliminate counterfeit products.

Geometric Shapes

Clean and simple geometric shapes are a popular choice for many brands when designing their packaging and labeling. Using basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles in unique and creative combinations creates an incredibly modern and appealing minimalistic finish that is easy to read and visually appealing.

For brands after a sophisticated and professional appearance, geometric shapes are a fantastic option that won’t leave your products looking dull and uninspiring.

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