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Attention Insight New Launch: Poster Ad Testing of Predictive Eye-Tracking


Attention Insight, a pre-launch design analytics company offering AI-powered website and advertising campaign testing, has launched the market’s first predictive eye-tracking tool for poster ad testing. The company’s predictive model, trained using data from more than 24,000 image data sets, simulates human attention and can provide marketing experts and agencies 90% accuracy in predicting users’ attention on poster designs, saving brands from the need to run their own eye-tracking studies.

According to Attention Insight’s CEO and co-founder, Kamile Jokubaite, marketers are increasingly seeking ways to make their campaigns more efficient. Recent developments in AI and deep learning have opened doors to advancements such as predictive eye-tracking that provide an accurate and affordable alternative to tests with real people. However, this was initially limited to desktop and mobile website testing.


At the same time, brands still invest significantly in outdoor advertising, including posters. Also, many advertisers still widely consider ad posters to be the foundation stones for other campaign designs, including images for social media and digital advertising.

poster ad testing

“For these reasons, our R&D team trained a predictive eye-tracking algorithm that is based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network technology, specifically on print poster images. For training, we used a wide variety of different posters – more than 24,000 image data sets used, including attention data on poster ads from campaigns by both small and big brands, movie posters, social awareness posters, event posters, etc.

We also included specially designed posters, made by our designers in order to train the algorithm to take into account small changes in poster design. This allows our users to make incremental changes in the design of their posters and to see how these changes affect the attention distribution on their poster design,” says Jokubaite. This is where poster ad testing becomes a vital part of a successful advertising campaign.

poster ad testing

For algorithm training, Attention Insight used only proprietary eye-tracking data. The company reached 90% accuracy in predicting visual attention on poster designs.

Validate your concepts for performance during the design stage with AI-generated attention analytics

Attention Insight, by implementing poster ad testing to their platform, can now provide customers a heatmap that shows the attention distribution on a poster design, a focus map that shows which design elements are noticed and which are missed in the first 3–5 seconds, and an exact percentage of attention for the selected design element or elements in a poster. 

poster ad testing

“We have seen the biggest interest in the new product from the FMCG segment. However, our company aims to democratise eye-tracking in all steps of the brand journey,” Jokubaite says.

poster ad testing

So far, Attention Insight has performed more than 60,000 tests on website and other designs. In 2021, the company doubled its user base and built Photoshop and Figma plugins, plus a Google Chrome extension. Following the new launch of predictive eye-tracking tool for poster ad testing, in 2022, Attention Insight plans to launch shelf and package design testing, as well as new features on its current product portfolio.

poster ad testing

Attention Insight is headquartered in Vilnius (Lithuania), with a branch in Warsaw (Poland) and an office in Hamburg (Germany).

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About Attention Insight

Attention Insight is a company founded in Vilnius in 2018. It is developing an AI-based platform to predict user attention distribution in visible imagery and designs using a database of more than 54,000 images. The company’s product is used by over 12,000 design, website creation, and e-commerce professionals and agencies, news media outlets, and other businesses. The product’s recommendation accuracy reaches 90–94% compared to human beings – helping users save vast amounts of money and time, as well as improve the products they create to achieve their business goals more effectively. Attention Insight is headquartered in Vilnius, with a branch in Warsaw and an office in Hamburg.

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