Attention Insight plugin for Photoshop

How to Use Attention Insight Plugin for Photoshop

You tell us, we listen and act accordingly! Attention Insight team has just released a plugin for Photoshop  – a tool for designers to improve the workflow when working with this image-editing software. 

Now, just with a few easy clicks you are able to generate attention heatmaps directly in Photoshop

Improve your designing process, save time, work more efficiently and have valid arguments about your design decisions! 

Ready to boost Photoshop routine? Let’s walk through the setup and “how to use” processes:

STEP #1 Plugin installation

  • Log in to your Adobe account and download the Plugin here.
  • You could also find Attention Insight plugin directly in Photoshop > Plugins > Manage Plugins / Browse Plugins:
  • Log in to your Adobe account and download the Plugin here.
  • Once you download the Plugin, double-click to unzip the file. Then go to the Photoshop Plugins folder and copy-paste the plugin file there. 
  • Launch your Adobe Photoshop. If Photoshop was open while you copy-pasted the plugin into the Plugins folder – restart the program.

STEP #2 Heatmap generation

  • On the menu bar, click Plugins, then select Attention Insight and click Generate Heatmap.


  • Wait a few seconds and here you have it! Your design heatmap based on eye-tracking research studies is right in front of you!

Generate Heatmap = generates a heatmap on the Adobe Photoshop app;

Generate Full Analysis (in Web App) = generates a heatmap and Clarity Score on the Attention Insight web app;

My Analysis = brings you to Attention Insight web app dashboard.

If you don’t have an Attention Insight account yet, go to to sign up!

If you have any questions on how to do it you can find it here.

Enhance your designing capabilities with Attention Insight

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