Multi-channel Approach to Outbound Sales

What if we tell you that including just one additional outbound channel can end up increasing conversion rates by 30%? Well, that’s not a fictional number but a proven stat. Nowadays, multi-channel marketing is taking over. It gives the customers the choice of interacting with you in whatever manner is most convenient for them, at all stages of a customer journey. 

This article will suggest various battle-tested outreach channels to reach the widest range of potential converts within a short period of time. 

Multi-channel Outreach: What & Why

As the name implies, a multi-channel strategy refers to reaching your prospects through multiple marketing channels to generate interest and interaction from the ones who are most likely to become leads. Therefore, you present a valuable offer in a coordinated way that keeps it on their “things to consider” plate for a long time, increasing the likelihood of prospects taking action at some point.

With a multi-channel approach, you give a chance for them to respond to your proposal when they finally have the bandwidth to think about it. That’s why just cold emails or single LinkedIn outreach can fail. Moreover, by using various outbound marketing channels, you can convey several different value propositions without bombarding your prospects with all of the information in one go. 

Once we’ve clarified the importance of the engagement of multiple marketing channels for lead generation, the question is what exact channels should be part of your outbound campaign?

4 Best Outreach Methods to Combine in 2023

There are four tactics that have proved their effectiveness for businesses looking to bring in big conversions and are poised to be the most impactful outreach methods for B2B companies. The trick here is not to prioritize one of them but harmoniously combine them. Let’s see the four best examples of channels that you can benefit from.

The Awareness Channel: SEO

60% of marketers say that SEO is their highest quality source of leads. It has about a 14.6% close rate. SEO breaks down big topics into easy-to-access points that match up with what your leads are searching for.

As with any marketing tactic, your SEO strategy should begin with a well-crafted value proposition to create an offer your prospects can’t say “no” to. Buying links or creating link bait content, using the right tools for link prospecting or reaching out to journalists and bloggers can be a game changer. There are dozens of ways to generate more leads through the sales funnel with SEO. You can find the full list in this article.

The Old But Gold Channel: Email

Whether we want it or not, email is the foundation for all your prospecting efforts. Just look at how smarter, more sophisticated, and prospect-focused outbound emailing has become in recent years. They know your birthday, congratulate you on work anniversaries, and suggest new & relevant services or products. 

About 56% of marketers claim that a well-thought email is one of the most efficient channels to include in outbound marketing campaigns. For sure, direct mail is king here. However, for broad email campaigns, background research on the prospect will also work great.

Create an ideal customer profile and use all the information available through different platforms on your potential buyers. That’s how you can enrich an email campaign with some personalized letters, making cold emails feel a little warmer.

The New Comer Channel: LinkedIn

As well as with email marketing, personalization is power, when it comes to social media. Especially, if we’re talking about LinkedIn for B2B. Of course, messaging a sales template to a company’s CEO won’t convert into a new lead. What you need is to prepare the soil and warm up the prospect before harvesting the goods from LinkedIn outreach. 

In this case, knowing the name is not enough. You should be aware of their career path, struggles of the company they currently work with, KPIs, articles they’ve read or retweeted, etc. Follow and react to prospects’ LinkedIn posts. It’s a crucial touchpoint to gain trust before scheduling a personal meeting. Meanwhile, don’t stop sharing your knowledge about the industry and product to establish brand credibility.

The Bonus Channel: Landing Page

As a rule, landing pages are not included as a separate tactic for multi-channel sales. But without it, the effect of your outbound campaigns won’t be as strong. Let’s just mention that the benchmark conversion rate for landing pages is 2%. This bonus channel basically means that every email of yours, call, or social media outreach should lead the prospect to a personalized landing page about your product or service. 

The Bottom Line

As the buyers get more demanding and the marketing channels become more sophisticated, it’s not enough to include just one channel in your go-to-market strategy. You need all four of them at the same time, working in tandem. Only by applying a multi-channel approach with the right analysis, plan, and timing can you settle qualified sales meetings and boost lead generation at once.

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