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Top 7 Graphic Design Trends in 2021

As the world is changing rapidly, gifting us with unexpected events, so is the graphic design sector – it’s causing a revolution.

Inspired by technology developments, social and environmental issues, changing working habits, the marketing, and advertising industry is switching its gears towards authenticity, sustainability, and harmonious living.

However, it won’t be giving up on futuristic look solutions. As much as we sometimes want to stay present, the future is no longer “tomorrow”.

Recently, we’ve been researching and gathering the insights of the world’s graphic design trends experts. Thus, we are thrilled to share them with our creative community.

Eager to know what’s trending this year? Scroll it down and get inspired!

1. Nature Touched Design

Last year, no doubt, we spent the most amount of time at home than we have ever spent in previous years. Nature often being the only escape, we genuinely enjoyed being able to be in it.

Therefore, the appreciation level for forests and parks, lakes and seas, mountains, and other natural objects increases faster than ever before. 

Nature – inspirational, harmonious, beautiful, and powerful. It encourages marketing and advertising professionals to use this source in branding, logos, general illustrations, and other graphic design areas. 

Nature graphic design trend includes:

– Earth tone color palettes;

– Leafy elements;

– Undecorated shapes;

– Nature textures;

– Other nature-inspired graphic design creative solutions.

Brands, choosing such a look, are often associated with solidarity, rebirth, renewal, and growth processes. 

Thus, if you seek to switch from an elaborate look to a more eco-friendly and harmonious – nature-inspired design is a great way to accomplish it. 

Collage of Natured Touched Design graphic design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: Nature Touched Design

2. Social events inspired Graphic Design Trend

The events of 2020 have shown us how interconnected and interdependent the world is. 

From the health system issues to environmental and social problems, these conflicts are the breaking points pushing us to be more conscious and eager for changes. 

Having this in mind, creators and brands join the communities of problem solvers by showing solidarity, leading to a more profound relationship with their customers. One of the forms of expressing this – is through visual content. 

Therefore, graphic design solutions that relate to humanity: hand-lettering, showing protest events like adding bold titles, rich colors, and images that express the meaning, are going to be used more commonly. 

Socially conscious graphic design trend is about conveying solidarity and support for making the world a better place.  

Collage of Social Events Inspired graphic design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: Social Events

3. One of the most promising Graphic Design Trends – Sustainability

When the world had to stop due to the pandemic, global warming and our fragile ecosystem reached the culmination point of awareness. Sustainable living is increasingly becoming a conscious trend. 

Society starts to pay more attention to responsible consumption. The brands now shift to eco-friendly packaging massively, making this awareness of sustainability importance spread. 

As a result, the design process integrates an eco-friendly approach using natural, recyclable resources for materials and techniques for producing them.

In upcoming years, sustainability will reflect the traditional graphic design and digital solutions: 

– choice of earthy colors;

– the use of nature and environmental elements;

– sustainable-living encouraging words and symbols;

– appearance of visual textures.

Sustainable design can be pretty simple yet significant and encourage responsible consumption.

Collage of Sustainability graphic design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: Sustainability

4. Authenticity Reveal

Stay at home orders have changed what we see on social media. Influencers, celebrities, politics, brand ambassadors, and others started showing their home environment, day-to-day representation of their everyday life, and genuine themselves.

Being authentic, expressing real YOU – that’s the trend we are looking forward to in upcoming years.

In 2021 authenticity and simplicity will take over. Brands are entirely on to embracing natural, raw, unique representations of the beauty and diversity of our world.

Therefore, in graphic design, hand-drawn images and typography, natural, unfiltered pictures, exclusive illustrations reflecting the personality and uniqueness of a human – will perfectly convey that sense of being authentic and down to earth.

Collage of Authenticity Reveal design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: Authenticity

5. Retro Futurism

In the past, people have thought that there will be flying cars and robots by now.

Still no flying cars, but they were partly right. Due to similar future forecasts and visions, futurology is named a social science.

In the art world, this term is also commonly used. Here comes the term “Retro,” making it Retro Futurism – one of the most conceptual graphic design trends.

Retro Futurism – is a way of expressing and matching future technologies with old-fashioned design visually. It’s foreseen that 2021 will be significant for Retro Futurism, and artists’ imagination representing the future will be limitless.

Therefore, computer-inspired typefaces, vibrant colors, faded aesthetics, vintage design touches matching futuristic themes will be used frequently.

Have you ever seen a trend that combines old and new, creating a completely new concept?

If you seek to create something distinctive and set yourself apart – go with the style of Retro Futurism.

Collage of Retro Futurism graphic design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: Retro Futurism

6. 3D Graphic Design Trend

There is a big chance that you have already applied 3D elements while designing something rad.

The 3D Design trend isn’t new or surprising because it has been trending in the last couple of years. However, in 2021 it will gain momentum – it’s getting even cooler.

Technologies and the means of producing such design solutions will speed up very soon – just watch it coming. 3D designs will become very useful in taking up the main focus and attention.

Impressively realistic visuals, animated movements for web design, scripts with depth, ultra-lifelike lettering, and the rest will suit perfectly for your unlimited creativity.

If you seek an extra innovative design look, the three-dimension technique is the way to go.

Collage of 3D graphic design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: 3D Graphic Design

7. Fine Art Depiction

One of the most sophisticated graphic design trends of 2021 – the Fine Art Depiction.

You can also relate this trend to the tendency of authenticity reveal because fine art is very much about self-expression.

It might look that graphic design and painted art isn’t relatable and doesn’t go along due to their different techniques. However, in the digital world, you can combine different things and techniques to create something awe-inspiring.

Colors, shapes, or textures do not limit this trend.

Painterly techniques, abstract expressions, surface depth created by dark shades, improvised patterns will find a way to be shown on our screens and various product packagings.

Thus, if you aspire to create a very classy and refined look – find the authentic artists who collaborated with you in transforming their art onto digital patterns.

Collage of Fine Art graphic design trend for 2021
Graphic Design Trend: Fine Art


We listed these main predictions of graphic design trends that have big potential in 2021. Nevertheless, nobody can predict the future accurately, and 2020 has been real proof confirming this statement.

Moreover, trends used in your graphic design works will not guarantee that it will be a success. The most important thing is – how well you combine elements and convey the main message that would attract humans’ instant notice and stick in their minds.

Therefore, we invite you to look at our blog post on how different sites look through visitors’ eyes. Read this article and understand what works the best to get noticed and be impactful. Then adapt these insights to your graphic design works.

We hope you found this article helpful. It is meant to lead you in the right direction in creating an inspirational and impactful design.

Spark that light of ideas. Stay creative!

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