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How Filmelier increased CTA button clicks by 258% using Attention Insight

Sofa is the leading VOD film aggregator in Latin America. It uses data, a direct consumer relationship, and its Film Chain Financing program to boost independent content revenue across digital platforms. Their product, Filmelier, leads to film discovery, helping people find where, why, and what to watch. It enriches millions of consumer experiences with curated lists, news, vídeos, and film recommendations.


Filmelier users primarily use the Mobile version of the site to streamline videos. 60-70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. The team noticed that although the Mobile version of the platform gets the majority of traffic, the key CTA button in the film screening window “Proximo Filme” gets 76% of clicks in the desktop version and only 24% on mobile.

This discrepancy suggested that something was not right with the mobile version. So, the team decided to dig deeper into it in order to eliminate the reason behind that. 


Then, they started to investigate the situation with Attention Insight. From the AI-generated attention heatmap, they saw that the CTA button gets 0% of users’ attention in the Mobile app.

Attention heatmap of the Filmelier mobile page before the changes
AI-generated attention heatmap of the mobile page version before the changes


There is some attention on the logo, movie title, movie description, and some other elements. The most significant amount of attention goes to the description of the movie, but the attention does not transfer to the circular Call to action button just below it. It’s rather far on the right side, too detached from the movie description, while most eyeballs are more on the left side.  

The insight: people don’t notice the CTA button. Most likely because it’s too small, and the alignment and proximity are not ideal. 

The question is how they could bring more attention to the Call to action button in this mobile version of the page.

The design team decided to increase the size of the CTA button by adding the description “Proximo Filme” to it by the side of the icon. Also, the team optimized the visual balance between the text block and the button by slightly increasing the font size of the movie description text. They tested the new version with Attention Insight again.

After the adjustments, the CTA button got 3.8% of user attention. It is almost 4X times more attention than previously.

Attention heatmap of the Filmelier mobile page after the changes
AI-generated attention heatmap of the mobile page version after the changes

The attention distribution now is not laser-focused on the beginning of a movie description but is a bit more scattered. In this case, it’s a good thing because the eye catches the button more easily, and thus, more attention drifts toward it.

increase in CTA button clicks
0 %

This change brought 257.82% more click events on the CTA button, as you can see in the image below. 

Screenshot of Google Analytics statistics showing change in clicks on a button in mobile page
Statistics of CTA button click events over the 20 days before the change (orange graph) and 20 days after the change (blue graph)

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