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5 Huge Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Customers

Email marketing has always been a reliable resort for running marketing campaigns and attracting customers without breaking the bank. Whether you are able to turn your recipients into customers or not, there are various mistakes that can end up costing you customers. They can be very disadvantageous for your reputation, and failing to recognize and work on these mistakes can negatively affect your brand value. 

However, before you work on these mistakes, it is essential to identify them and decide what to avoid if you don’t wish to kill your email conversions. By avoiding the 5 most common mistakes discussed in this guide, you will not just retain your customers but also boost conversions. 

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Customers

1. Not giving the option to unsubscribe 

Not adding the “unsubscribe” link in your marketing emails to allow your target audience to opt out could turn out to be a huge mistake. Your email lists should only target the recipients who are interested in the products or services you offer and are willing to receive your emails on a regular basis. 

Emailing people who are not willing to engage with your organization’s products or services is not just a waste of time and energy, but also unethical. By giving the option and link to unsubscribe, you allow your audience to make their own choice and get removed from your mailing lists effortlessly. 

Such an option to unsubscribe is not for encouraging recipients to opt out but to only fill your mailing lists with subscribers who are interested in what your business offers. By targeting the audience who is looking to consider your products and services, you will increase your chances of conversion. 

On the other hand, the inclusion of uninterested recipients and no option to unsubscribe can lead to a negative reputation, as those people will have no option other than marking your emails as spam. 

2. Not prioritizing the safety of data

Every company is vulnerable to data breaches. It can happen that customers receive emails with malware on behalf of your business, which can cause huge reputation damage. In case something similar occurs, take action quickly. 

You can send an apology email with instructions on how to check up and clean up clients’ devices from potential viruses or even give free access to computer cleaning tools such as Clean My Mac. 

If you fail to prioritize the safety of your customer’s data and take the necessary steps to correct the damage, you may end up losing your customers. Even sending misleading marketing emails can hamper the brand reputation you’ve earned over the years. To avoid any spammy activities when it comes to emails, make sure to setup DMARC on time and consult with professionals. 

It would be great to follow a few steps to gain the trust of your clients and assure them that you care about their confidential details and data. By adding a privacy notice to each of the emails you send, you can send across the message that you prioritize your customer’s data security and privacy. 


3. Omitting the inclusion of clear calls to action

Excluding a clear call to action in your marketing emails can hurt your brand and fail to serve the purpose you’ve been sending such emails for. You should be clear with what results you wish to achieve with your emails and how you expect your recipients to react and respond to them. 

If you want your target audience to give you to follow your social media accounts, fill up an inquiry form or purchase a product, you should include a call to action in your emails regarding the same. If you do not identify the purpose of your email marketing and modify the call to action accordingly, you are just spamming emails with no results. 

You may add a huge, bold, and clearly visible button and draw emphasis on it to attract the reader’s attention and compel them to click on it. Overdoing and adding too many CTAs might be another mistake that overwhelms your readers. Precisely, your CTA should be easily identifiable and have the right words to attract customers. 

4. Ignoring segmentation and personalization 

Without customer segmentation and a personal touch, you are missing out on a lot as an email marketer. Segmentation is all about dividing your customers and recipients into small and identifiable groups according to their interests and buying habits. 

Through segmentation, you will be able to target potential buyers and get conversions effectively, as that particular group will be more likely to respond to your emails. Similarly, personalization will allow your emails to appear as if they have been specifically targeted as per the interests and aspirations of a particular recipient. 

With a personal touch in your emails, readers are more likely to engage with your content, and email marketing is expected to yield results for your brand. 

5. Neglecting analytics and professionalism

If you fail to prioritize and realize the importance of analytics, you will have a hard time running successful email marketing campaigns and converting recipients into customers. With analytics, you can monitor the effectiveness of a campaign and check its click-through rates. In fact, you can also have an insight into new subscribers and those who have unsubscribed. 

Without such vital information, you will lose customers as you will fail to improve your strategies and evaluate the results of the efforts you have put into your email marketing campaigns. 

At the same time, neglecting the significance of professionalism in your emails will eventually make you lose customers. Use of unprofessional language, too many stock images, wrong spellings, and grammatical mistakes will compel a subscriber to find you shady and be skeptical about your campaign. 


You will never be able to correct something unless you recognize it and evaluate its causes. Email marketing mistakes are not just capable of ruining the efforts you have put into your marketing campaigns. They can significantly hurt your brand image and cost you customers. Just by neglecting a few things and failing to include them in your emails, you will end up with a failed campaign. 

By avoiding the 5 most common email marketing mistakes mentioned in this guide, you can not only prevent your efforts and reputation from getting hurt but also run effective campaigns that ensure conversions. 

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