heatmaps of Lukas Rudrof designs

Meet Lukas Rudrof – Design as a Discipline Never Stands Still

Our team has decided to interview the most intrigue creators on good design and test their works with the Attention Insight platform. It predicts how user’s attention distributes in design. Hope, these short talks will inspire you and give some useful insights on catchy design. Enjoy!

This time we are talking with Lukas Rudrof, an experienced designer, passionate for Web & UI/UX Design. Lukas is a talent who really enjoys the idea of creating new things and improving the user experience through innovation and modern design.

Lukas Rodrof

Why have you decided to step into design field? What inspires you and why?

I always liked the idea of being able to work in a field that is constantly developing. Design as a discipline never stands still and as a designer you will be constantly change. There are always new trends, new tools, new technologies, new theories, new sources of inspiration – a creative mind never stops learning.

I like the challenge of the beautiful connection of creativity and logic. You have to be right brained and left brained, tactical and fearless, the artist and the strategist. It’s like a song, or a dance it takes practice and dedication yet at the same time there is also feeling involved. There are so many facets to what designers do, and as a creative and an insatiable intellectual I know this is where I belong.

Design should always be centered around users. It’s not about just making things that look cool, or solely meeting business goals. We create entire experiences for the people who use our products. Empathy drives what we do, and that in itself is incredibly powerful. It also gives us more influence and responsibility than we realize.

heatmaps of Lukas Rudrof designs

How do you measure the success of your design?

That varies depending on the nature of the project.

Seeing my design used by the end-users during usability test is very rewarding. Knowing that it’s being used by a lot of people you are never going to get to know but still being a part of their daily experience through design makes it even more exciting. 

heatmaps of Lukas Rudrof designs

What is your biggest challenge in design creation process?

Design is all about creating a solution. The biggest challenge here is to identify and the true nature of a customer’s problem. You need to understand what’s driving the request. Find out what’s getting in the way of this. What obstacle or challenges need to overcome? Only then, you can come up with a working solution. 

What principles do you follow when creating attention grabbing design?

I’m beginning to establish a hierarchy of my subjects. Then it’s all about contrast. Contrast in size and value can have tremendous impact on the meaning of each object in a scene. The same applies to typography.

As a principle I think good design should be simple but clear in it’s message. It’ is also important to keep an eye on the consistency of the design throughout all design arrangements. 

Get inspired by Lukas’ works: dribbble.com/Lukarley

Follow Lukas Rudrof on Instagram: instagram.com/lukarley/

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