Best Email Lead Generation Tactics to Boost Your Response Rate

Your business may have a world-class product or a top-notch marketing strategy. But do you think it is of any use if you don’t have leads? Obviously not. You need to have a consistent flow of customers to take your sales to heights and promote brand awareness. That’s what email marketing has been invented for. 

But how do you use the most badass email marketing techniques to boost the response rate of the recipients? Here are all the answers you are searching for quite a long. 

Audience segmentation 

Segmenting your audience is the initial step to sending the relevant content to them. Find out the like-minded groups to segment them. For instance – you can divide them on the basis of income level, age, gender, position in the sales funnel, physical location, etc. One of the keys to giving a kick to the response rate and attaining success in your email marketing campaign is to send the right audience the right content at the right time. And audience segmentation makes this task easier for you. 

Hyper personalization 

Hyperpersonalization plays a significant role in boosting the response rate and, hence, generating leads. Explaining it further means creating relevant and unique content for videos, landing pages, images, and copy. It has been found by various researchers that hyper-personalized emails get more open and click rates. So, it should be a “must” included part of your email lead generation strategy. 

In addition to including a person or brand’s name, you can add a profile picture of the recipient or their business logo in the email you are sending. Adding dynamic layers to images and personalized text in the emails helps crystallize your message and make a lasting impression on the minds of the recipients.  

Email automation 

Email automation is defined as sending bulk emails to multiple recipients at specific times. It not only saves your time but also improves your email marketing campaigns. There are numerous email outreach tools that assist businesses in managing their email automation strategies. These tools provide features for creating personalized emails, scheduling email sequences, and tracking email performance.

Furthermore, these tools leverage trigger points, specific actions or events taken by customers, to send emails at the most opportune moments. The trigger points could be – When customers subscribe to your email list, buy any of your products, or register for a webinar.  

Start with “them.”

Focusing on just your audience (not your product or you) is yet another tactic to double your email lead generation. For that, you need to research the audience and collect their ideal customer profiles. This helps you to gain valuable insights that further aid you in creating relevant content. Delve into what problems your target audience is facing and form the content accordingly to level up the engagement rates. 

Clear CTA

What is the main purpose of following these email lead-generation tips? To compel your customers to take action in the form of purchasing your product or services. Don’t assume that your recipients will know what they are expected to do. This is the reason you must send emails with a clear and powerful call to action. To evoke an intended response from the recipient, keep the following things in mind – 

Keep it short and crisp, depicting the sense of urgency like “buy now” or “Sign up” today. Your CTA should be clear enough that even a kid can understand. 

CTAs, which show that you also provide a free trial, have higher chances of response rate. For instance – “Start your free trial of 1 month today” or “Schedule a free consultation call.”

Undoubtedly, you put in tremendous effort to get your email opened and read. Don’t let that all go in vain by using an ambiguous CTA. 

Emojis and GIFs

Emojis have now become an inseparable part of our daily written conversations and communication. They visually engage the recipients and are a fun way to interact with them. But here is the catch: Don’t overdo it. What you can do is – 

  • Use them in the subject lines and preview text to draw the attention of the recipient to the inbox. 
  • Using them at the right places in your email copy has the power to boost engagement levels. 
  • The emojis should also align with your brand voice. 
  • Use them in the right context and not just for the sake of using them. 

Gated content 

Gated content is the content that your audience can access only after they have provided their contact details. Such content should be valuable, relevant, and expertly written to drive the desired number of leads. After you are done with writing the gated content, promote it with the help of publishing SEO-optimized content for the topic that you have covered in the gated content. When searchers or target audiences have read your blog, encourage them to further read your gated content.

Final Thoughts

The techniques listed above will definitely prove fruitful over time. So, start building your connections with the reader through emails and generate the response rate for achieving the sales number you want to achieve.

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