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7 Amazing Android Hacks You Didn’t Know About

It’s no secret that your phone can do much more now compared to only five years ago. Many people don’t even use their laptops because they have everything that they possibly need right in their hands. This is also true for students who don’t go anywhere without their phones. They can do their homework, chat with their friends, and keep up with the global news all at once!

Right now, there is a constant fight between iOS and Android fans. Apple users say that their phones are very intuitive, stylish, and have lots of additional android features. At the same time, Android lovers say that their devices are far more superior, easier to fix, and overall, more useful. Of course, this is a battle of personal preferences, even though each side is a little bit right.

It’s not surprising that developers try to support their fans and surprise them with more and more new features with every update! A lot of users don’t even realize the full potential of their devices! This is especially true for Android OS, which has a lot to offer. Even students can appreciate the functionality and user-friendliness of this operating system!

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Are you not sure that you use your phone to the max? Here are 7 Android hacks you probably didn’t know about!

Benefits of having an Android smartphone

Sure, not all people know about every feature of their device. Sometimes they just want something that works without any problems. In this case, a Samsung or Xiaomi phone can be perfect for you! Students can even do their homework and manage their schedules on these devices! Here are a couple of benefits of buying an Android phone if you don’t have one yet:

  • Constant updates with easter eggs. You will find a cute game or a wallpaper background, but you need to know where to look!
  • Innovative hardware. Some say that Apple doesn’t really work on their devices in favor of the consumers. Android phones have a wide range of different processors, batteries, storage options, and many more other useful things.
  • Expandable memory. You can save lots of files without worrying about space! Students often download their papers from helpful websites. For example, EssayPro offers coursework writing service that allows you to save the completed paper. You can upload it into the university portal or send an email to your professor without using a laptop!
  • Amazing widgets. Sure, iOS also has a lot of widgets for weather, open apps, and other things. On the other hand, Android has a more understandable design when it comes to storing important info in one place. This is great for those who constantly have millions of things to do and don’t like scrolling.
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Seven best Android hacks you need to learn

Now that you are convinced about putting an iPhone on a shelf let’s talk about the more interesting benefits of owning an Android device. These hacks can save you some time when you are working or studying. Also, they are just really cool to have on your operating system! If you are one of those people who want more than texting and calling, this is for you! p.s. Do not forget about vpn security download

Android hack#1: Developer mode

This is one of the most popular features of any Android device. Apple is famous for its impenetrable defense layers, both physical and technological. This is not the case here at all! Every user has a chance to become a developer to some extent. This is not something that you can just stumble upon, so here is an instruction for entering developer mode:

  • Go to settings;
  • Scroll to ‘about device’;
  • Find the ‘Build number’ button;
  • Tap on it seven times;
  • Enter your password;
  • Now you can change some of the settings!

Of course, this is not the same as creating your own app or programming in general. This mode will allow you to change some minor things that otherwise won’t impact the functionality of your device. Still, this is a neat trick that can make you feel pretty powerful! It’s nice to have some more control over your smartphone than usual.

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Android hack #2: Animation scale

Another pretty useful feature is being able to change animation speed. Of course, this hack is not super important, but it’s nice to have such little details that you can change at any time. If you don’t know what changing the animation duration scale means, you probably didn’t notice any issues with the processing speed at all. This will make your OS feel faster and not so buggy!

Android hack #3: Smart lock

This is a feature that iPhones don’t really have, so this is something to think about! This hidden hack is very useful, especially for those who don’t enjoy turning their keypad lock on and off at home. This setting can be tuned to your GPS location, your voice command, or even your face, so your phone doesn’t ask for a passcode in a safe environment, like a dorm.

Android hack #4: Screen cast to other devices

This addition is very convenient for those people who use Chromecast in their households. Open Quick Settings on your smartphone and use the ‘Screen Cast’ button. This will connect your device to your Chromecast on your local network. Your screen will be mirrored and streamed on your TV without any delays! What a great hack for student parties, right?

Android hack #5: One-handed map zoom

This is one of those things that you don’t know you need to have until you have it! Lots of people use online and offline maps on a daily basis. Even students can get lost in a new city or even on campus! Samsung and Xiaomi phones allow you to double-tap on the screen to zoom in and zoom out instead of using two fingers to swipe across the screen!

Sure, this is not the most innovative feature. But it’s the little things that make your overall experience better! This one tiny detail can make it easier to use online maps, so why not? Just don’t abuse this hack when you are driving, even though it’s much more convenient to find your way without slowing down. All hacks should be used safely!

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Android hack #6: Google Assistant for calls put on hold

Every person knows what it’s like to call your internet provider or a bank hotline just to be put up on hold for an hour. Luckily, with this useful hack, you can put Google Assistant into play. Just tap three dots on the upper part of the screen while on hold and go on about your day! The Assistant will notify you when someone actually picks up. Simple but effective!

Android hack #7: Different volume levels

Don’t you just hate it when you can barely hear your alarm clock in the morning and your YouTube app is blasting at full volume all the time? Well, luckily for you, your device can quickly fix that! You can adjust the sound for your ringtone, apps, and alarm separately. Also, this hack goes great together with the ‘do not disturb’ feature.

To Sum Up

So there you have it, 7 Android hacks that you probably didn’t know about! Your smartphone can do a lot of interesting things if you know where to access them. Most of these features are pretty user-friendly, which means that you can find them by yourself if you click enough buttons. And others are like easter eggs, so you need to spend a little time to access them! Additionally, using a VPN for Android can also enhance your online security and privacy while exploring these hidden features and utilizing your smartphone to the fullest. 

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