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What Will Define Content Marketing in 2023?

Many new content marketing trends shaped the sphere in 2022, and more will emerge in 2023 that will take things further for marketers. Content Marketing Institute predicts that 46% of organizations will increase their marketing budget. The industry will grow to be worth over $400 billion in 2023. Any company that desires to thrive in its marketing strategies in the coming year needs to track new trends and changes in content marketing. 

It must plan its campaigns accordingly and in advance. In the coming year, it is expected that marketers will diversify content to address more audiences. Organizations will rethink and remaster legacy marketing trends. AI, VR, AR, and metaverses will be used more. Marketing outsourcing and data protection will be a priority in 2023.


Content marketing trends dominating in 2023

Statistics show that 67% of marketers agree that marketing increases leads and demand. 2022 recorded an increase of 7%. An additional 72% of marketers agree content marketing keeps their audiences informed. A further 63% agree that it is a strategy that builds loyalty with clients. It is one of the reasons why the latest content marketing updates show 90% of companies say they are willing to invest more in creating content to broaden their market reach. Here are the content marketing trends that will dominate in 2023.

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Focusing on diversifying content to reach out to the audience more effectively

Recent trends in digital marketing show many organizations in 2022 invested more in email marketing, videos, and social media. Statistics show 81% of businesses use emails to gain new leads and retain customers. 86% of companies use video marketing, and 93% use social media. These tools have so far created a positive impact, but there needs to be diversity in 2023. Marketers will include a broader range of topics and posts. Campaigns will be diverse to have a more comprehensive range of channels to reach more audiences. Diversity of content will range in these forms:

  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Influencer marketing.

When you create content such as tutorials, testimonials, and reviews for audiences, you must learn how to screen record on Mac. Utilizing an online screen recorder is one of the recent trends in digital marketing, making it easier to share and create engaging content across various platforms.

It adds value to your content when you capture what is happening on your screen. Screen recording is one of the recent trends in digital marketing. 

There are different strategies for diversifying content

  • Know the type of content your audience is interested in. 
  • Know the type of content you are already using and its pros/cons
  • Read helpful material and guide to content marketing to understand what new content types are trending
  • Understanding the platforms that other marketers are using to achieve quick results and use them
  • Before creating new content, repurpose the one you already have

Rethinking the concept of content update and remastering the old one to make it more relevant for the users

Older content loses value and can no longer help generate valuable results. People are consistently searching for fresh content due to how trends change fast. Forbes reports that, on average, a market trend can go up to 289 days or 9 months. The future of content marketing is built on current trends, but organizations must flow with what is popular with audiences. 

Organizations must think of strategies to keep their content fresh and evergreen. In 2023, marketers will keep updating posts that generate higher results. Some of the content with similar information needs to be merged, while the older ones that cannot be updated need to be removed. Keeping content up to date provides you with diverse benefits.

  • It remains relevant to audiences and thus attracts more leads and traffic
  • Fresh content ranks better in SEO
  • Organizations build loyalty and greater engagement. 
  • It increases the click-through rate
  • Helps correct mistakes that were in the old content making it more accurate
  • Helps get rid of broken links and include new ones

Boosting real-time engagement

A marketer’s study by Smart Insights reveals that 76% of organizations agree that content posted in real-time increases engagement. Another 56% agree it increases brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Boosting real-time engagement will be crucial in creating a firm foundation for the future of content marketing. 

Posting at the right time will help an organization achieve its marketing goals fast. It will help them know their audiences and stay informed about the current trends. Good content is excellent, but marketers need to take a bold step and engage their audiences in every opportunity. It is a viable strategy for increasing traffic and reaching more people. Different approaches can be used to develop a real-time content engagement strategy. 

Know when to post and post when your target audience is most active. Study reports show the peak traffic on social media in 2023 will be from 1 pm to 3 pm. That means posting at that time on social media will achieve the best results in terms of clicks, shares, views, and leads. The report further says the peak time for emails is around 10 am to 11 am local time. The best time for posting videos is from 8 am to 11 am and then from 5 pm to 9 pm. 

Using AI and AR/VR technologies

The future of content marketing is using AI and AR/VR technologies. The trend has been picking pace fast for the last ten years. It is about to boom in 2023 and could become the pacesetter in digital content marketing. AR and VR immerse users in real-world experiences. The trend is currently widely used in manufacturing and navigation applications. 

AR and VR allow users to try a product in a virtual environment. It can help take users through an immersive experience in the manufacturing process or a company’s virtual store. For example, AR apps can substantially boost your business by showing users how their purchases will look at their homes or on people. Potential customers can visualize the product in 3D before adding it to the cart. It creates greater confidence in users. It saves marketers time when they must physically deliver a product for customers to test before deciding to buy. 

In 2023, AI will help marketers identify customer journeys and what they are looking for. Specialists will use this technology to create content, generate relevant data, and segment audiences. It can guide content marketing by giving insights to marketers on the next steps to take, content to create, or products to propose to users based on several algorithms. By 2024, it is estimated that there will be 1.73 billion AR and VR devices. AI will be useful in automating content production, posting, generating leads, and managing content.

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Plunging into metaverses

AR and VR will help create engaging metaverses. The latest content marketing updates show there are currently more than 400 million active metaverse users. 54% of organizations have already invested or are planning to invest in the metaverse market. Based on demographics, the highest number of metaverse users are below 13 years. 

Using metaverses, companies effectively create their unique world that promotes their brand. It can create several immersive worlds to offer diverse experiences to clients. It is a more engaging marketing strategy that no video, text, or images can provide. Metaverse is the newest trend in marketing that is expected to pick pace in 2023 significantly. Companies will successfully connect with their audiences in a decentralized way. 

In 2023, organizations will begin developing engaging long-term spaces within the metaverse. Through this technology, organizations will collaborate and communicate virtually with customers from any global location. Marketers will create unique marketing platforms dedicated to their brands. They will offer product/service promotions on the platform, launch new products, and create entirely virtual stores as a new way of doing business. 

Fueling co-marketing activities and enjoying the advantages of influencer marketing

In 2023, organizations that will experience a boom in growth will embrace new marketing methods. Co-marketing strategies will bring multiple brands with similar products into one place. Using their resources and knowledge, they will launch more comprehensive marketing strategies that get more outstanding results fast. The partnerships will bring similar products on board so that brands can reach more market segments, generate more leads, increase conversions, and make more sales. 

Influencers have been helpful throughout 2022, but their importance will increase in 2023. Brands will reach out to bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities in the entertainment world. They will bring influential entrepreneurs, TV personalities, and sportspeople on board to help promote the brand and its products. Their involvement in marketing will bring various advantages to the business. 

  • Broaden brand awareness and audience reach
  • Boost brand credibility and trust
  • Boost sales, leads, and conversions
  • Increase ROI and SEO rankings
  • Influence customer’s decisions to make purchases
  • Boost the organization’s content marketing strategy
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Taking care of privacy and data protection

Some of the actions that plunge companies into huge losses is a data breach. Cybercriminals can put organizations’ sensitive data into the hands of their competitors. The most typical types of data breaches experienced by organizations in 2022 included: 

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of service
  • Phishing
  • Password guessing

New threats are evolving, and organizations will invest more in privacy and data protection in 2023. Customers are sensitive to their privacy when interacting with brands. They want to remain anonymous and to be guaranteed their data is safe. The best solution is for organizations to ensure they use secure URLs, encryption, and safe ordering and payment platforms. 

As threats to data and breaches increase, organizations have been adopting new ways to boost data protection and online privacy. The strategies will be stricter in 2023, and there will be an increase in cybersecurity testing and analysis. Organizations will pay closer attention to insider threats because they account for 34% of all breaches affecting organizations. 

In the past two years, insider threat incidents have increased by 44%, with each incidence costing organizations over $15.38 million. The threats range from negligence to user compromise and malicious attacks.


The content marketing sphere is always evolving, and each phase comes with unique changes. Marketers should look for easier ways to help them adapt to the new trends more effectively. Marketers must use their instincts to predict which direction marketing trends are moving into. Content remains valuable, but the messages have to adapt to targeted audiences. Organizations shall use their resources to the maximum and find the right networks to work with. 

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