What Will Be the Future of Design?

Our team has decided to interview the most intrigue creators from around the world and ask to share their predictions for  the future of design. We hope these short talks will inspire you and give some useful insights. Enjoy!

What will be the future of design or the next big change?

With so many newly developed tools, designers will be able to focus even more on the creative and conceptual part of the work in the future. AI will help us to bring concepts into new forms. As designers, we need to draw the right conclusions and make the right decisions.

Jonny Schulz, Designer & Illustrator

Selfportrait by Jonny Schulz
Self-portrait by Jonny Schulz

I think the future of design is headed towards a creative rebellion. With the rise of people who are self-teaching themselves and all of the apps created to streamline the process, it feels like the detailed work and delicate time it takes really craft a good design is being replaced. I could be biased because I came up in the era right before the shift, but it’s something about the sketch to computer to the final product launch that can never be erased.

Julian Spence, Designer & Artist

As the AI enables the designers quickly create many design variations, our productivity will dramatically increase. We will be able to choose from many directions in no time. I think that many brands and designers will go by showing up new styles and new colors created by AI.

Daniel Alexandru Tatu, UI/UX Designer

Daniel Alexandru Tatu design
Web design by Daniel Alexandru Tatu

Like everyone else, I am counting on voice interactions booming. And of course smart products & smart furniture. 

And then there’s AI and its intervention. I believe that a combination of smart products and AI could lead to a more non-linear user experience. With the help of AI and better tech, we can truly personalize users’ experiences and prepare for every scenario. I think that this will make the entire product/design strategy more detailed, complex and it’ll start to look like a flow chart or a map of sorts with several different paths to take.

Also, I think that sustainability and ethical products will be at the forefront of good design. Especially, since most designers spend their time advocating for users, it seems inevitable that we get caught up with ethics and I look forward to that being a driving factor of our design decisions.

Viba Mohan, Product Designer & UX Consultant

In 2020, I expect to see in a slew of clean, bright, eye-catching websites that use animation and video to enhance the user experience and improve visual engagement.

Lukas Rudrof, UI/UX Designer

Web design by Lukas Rudrof

I have some ideas of which could be the next design trends for 2020:

  • Vintage: Retro looks with black, white and grey scale colors and elements like bands, numbers and vintage typefaces.
  • Illustrations: It was a part of most of the designs in 2019 and will, of course, continue its course. Illustrations, collages and hand-made graphics give an emotional approach to the websites and make products more human.
  • 3D Graphics: 3D graphic has also played a major role in web and visual design in general.
  • Neon: There has been already some love shown for the lively, bright, neon styles.
  • Minimalism: “Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand.
  • Brutalism: Strident, plain colors and bold, cheeky typos and shapes. Gucci is one of the brands that have already started creating beautiful landing pages with this trend and it’s probably going to take over the next year.

Oriol Torné Codina, UX/UI Designer & Illustrator 5

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