What Valuable Things To Look For In a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

As your business grows, so does its technology needs. Managing the company’s tech infrastructure and computer systems may sometimes become too much for your IT staff. That’s where a managed service provider (MSP) can be of help. 

There are many benefits associated with hiring a managed service provider, like getting access to new technologies and ideas that benefit your business. Furthermore, you don’t need to hire full-time in-house staff when you have a team of MSP experts to help your organization, regardless of the size. So, if you’re looking to hire IT support in Durham NC or the city where you operate your business, here are the key things to look for in an MSP:

Round-The-Clock Accessibility

The MSP you’ll hire should be available 24/7. Even though you don’t work around the clock, the IT provider should because your business depends on it. Having your IT systems monitored day in, day out gives you that much-needed peace of mind because of the guaranteed uptime and reduced security risks.

Furthermore, their customer support should also be available and dedicated to the company if it faces system challenges, promptly responding to calls or emails. They should be available to provide quick answers and leverage remote access to curb typical IT issues quickly and effectively.

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Crisis Management Planning

Most businesses, especially startups and small-scale businesses, are prone to experiencing cyberattacks such as ransomware, fraud, and malware. They’re also at risk of theft, arson, weather disasters, and human error. A reliable managed service provider should have a disaster recovery plan and backups of all data to help businesses recover from such disruptive events at the soonest possible time.

Reliable MSPs like offer a customized disaster recovery plan and ensure that the IT department and business are adaptable to unexpected changes to reduce downtime.

Regular Backups And Maintenance

One of the advantages of hiring an MSP is that they provide consistent data backups and cloud storage at an affordable cost. In addition, they ensure that the business data is safe, secure, and can be accessed quickly and conveniently. 

In addition, systems and technologies need regular maintenance, especially if the company is growing. An experienced and capable MSP should maintain and update these systems and cloud technology consistently to avoid future problems.

Technical And Industrial Expertise

The managed service provider you’ll hire should have the necessary and top-notch technical expertise. Don’t automatically settle for a company offering cheap packages or one that only has good customer support in its arsenal. So, do your due diligence and avoid MSPs that like the right skills and tools, as they can jeopardize your business’s data and network security. Ensure the one you select understands your daily operations and the technologies you currently use and require. 

Moreover, the MSP you choose must have a strong foundation in your industry and must be working in it for a significant number of years. It’ll help them create technologies that meet operational and user expectations and develop solutions that fulfill expected requirements.

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Good Reputation

The MSP you hire should have a good reputation in the industry. So, be sure to research your prospects online and read reviews from the clients they worked with in the past. Look for legitimate testimonials on how they deliver their services or whether the services in the contract were met.

If the MSP has consistently positive reviews, it shows they’re dedicated and offer excellent services. On the one hand, the absence of details about a prospective MSP may mean they’re unreliable and untrustworthy.

All in all, researching in-depth before hiring and signing a contract with an MSP is crucial.


Despite specific standards that MSPs follow to manage and control IT services, some may not apply to other businesses. In addition, needs also change constantly, which means the best solutions five years ago may no longer work today. In this case, an MSP should be able to adapt to the type of IT support your business needs.

Thus, choose an MSP flexible enough to tailor its services to meet evolving needs without incurring extra costs or penalties. Your technology requirements and business choices should drive the MSP’s decisions and be their top priority. 



Managed service providers are beneficial for various reasons, including effective risk management, secure data backup, and access to new and automated technologies. Because of this, many companies resort to hiring them instead of creating and relying on in-house IT staff. You can use the above tips when looking for an MSP to select the best one for your business growth.

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