NOZ Digital Paywall Testing

NOZ Digital as an independent company within NOZ MEDIEN is responsible for the digital solutions such as websites, apps, video production, broadcasting, digital brochures, etc. 

CHALLENGE: NOZ Digital landing page has a pop-up paywall, where users can choose a subscription plan - Free, Paid or Premium Paid. The aim is to analyze a paywall and provide insights on how to drive more users to the paid option. 

RESULTS: A heatmap indicates that the main message was noticed. "Digital Basis" monthly subscription received the most attention, while “Free” subscription, CTA buttons and descriptions received the least attention.

RECOMMENDATION: to change the position of subscriptions as well as the display size of the information and to improve CTA contrast. Remove free account section.

RESULTS: Attention distribution improved for Both Subscription options. 1st from 12% to 32% and 2nd from 13% to 25%

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