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Meet Anfisa Bogomolova – Test Every Hypothesis That You Have!

You are UX designer who likes to be updated about the latest news in your field? Then you are in the right place! Our team has decided to interview experienced UX creators about design challenges they meet daily. Moreover each of them has a Youtube Channel where they share their experience and skills. We hope these short talks will inspire you and will help to find new sources of useful information! Enjoy!

We are excited to introduce you Anfisa Bogomolova from Czechia. She is cosmopolitan UX designer with a lot of passion for helping creatives. Her Youtube channel is called Anfisa Bogomolova.


What defines a good design in your opinion?
A seamless experience with the product/webpage. I love the quote by Jared Spool “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible.”

What are the most common challenges you face while working in a design field?
1. Keeping the holistic picture and the vision of the product while dealing with very different product sides (marketing, business, development, managers). Sometimes it’s easy to get empathic about some of the other department’s needs and at the moment forget that you’re here to advocate for the user.
2. Constant communication! It’s key to project success, but it’s not easy.

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What is your favorite project you’ve ever done and why?
I love every project I’ve done, but nothing can beat personal startup projects. Those are like babies that you carry from every single side. Thus, became experienced in other important sides of the product development cycle: Business model searching, KPIs, customer relationship management, branding, innovation and so much more. I was working on my last startup (Columbery) project for 2,5 years and it was a part of my identity for that period.

official website of Anfisa Bogomolova
heatmap of Anfisa Bogomolova website

Would you share 3 habit recommendations you think are crucial for success?

1. “Experiment. Build. Fail fast. Iterate.” That should become a mindset!
2. Don’t assume! Test every hypothesis that you have. Especially if there is a conflict of opinions between different product sides. Cannot afford screening for target users? Use a method called “Dogfooding: Testing on your colleagues and friends”. Just TEST!
3. Leave your ego at the door every time you go to talk to your users. Let them speak, ask open-ended questions, don’t lead or direct them. Try to appreciate their feedback, even if it’s negative.

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