Mailchimp Website: How It Has Changed Over 10 Years

Most people at least have heard about Mailchimp platform. Over the years it has become a very popular marketing tool. We got curious. How has the Mailchimp brand and its website changed since 2010?


  • Mailchimp uses a font-based logo which attracts around 3% of users’ attention.
  • Image presenting new sign up form and CTA “Sign up free” are objects that visitors notice first.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2010


  • Objects that users notice first are the hero text and CTA “Sign up free”. Besides, these elements relatively receives a lot of attention – 38% and 7%.
  • Even though, design is more complex, clarity of the landing page stays optimal.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2011


  • The text-based logo turned to an image-based one that involves an illustrated colorful character. Probably due to its size, it is barely visible.
  • Even though the hero text is much smaller, it still manages to grab 20% of visitors’ attention.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2014


  • The main call-to-action button disappears from body. Only CTA in the header menu is left which could attract more attention (1%). 
  • More attention (3%) than before is driven to the menu bar.
  • Users’ attention is mostly focused on the slogan “Send Better Email”.
  • However, background images such as bird and flower are among the things that visitors notice first, too.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2015


  • Visible changes are made to the whole layout. The hero text goes under the image, additional text blocks are added on the right side.
  • Product image is the most catchy object, as it uses human face.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2016


  • The main CTA button disappears from the header menu and is placed under the body copy again. Due to its contrasting color, it grabs 5% of attention and is one of the elements that visitors notice first.
  • Layout becomes more clean and is similar to the one that is used today.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2017


  • Logo is still barely visible.
  • Users’ attention is mostly divided between the hero text and CTA button.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2018


  • An Image-based logo is changed to the combination mark which contains both image and text. This move increases logo’s visibility and now it grabs 3% of attention.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2019


  • Clarity of the design is growing and reaches 76%.
  • Logo not only grabs relatively a lot of attention (3-6%), but also is among the objects that users tend to notice first.
  • Attention is well-distributed between the most important elements. Based on the first heatmap, visitors’ eyes moves from the main message to CTA button and then logo. The second heatmap shows a similar path, only an image is included. Seems like a smooth journey of users’ attention.
Mailchimp I Landing page 2020
Mailchimp I Landing page 2020

To sum up

Over 10 years, Mailchimp logo design has changed 3 times increasing its visibility. 2014-2018 image-based logo was hardly visible. Now, the combination of text and image captures 3-6% of users’ attention.

Almost all the time, users’ attention has been focused on the main message. It has been the first object readers notice, except cases when visuals with human faces were used, which are usually distracting. 

Looks, that from 2018 company sticked to using 2 main call-to-action buttons that stand out by their color and contrast. The first is used in the header menu, the second – under the hero text.

Even though the layout of the landing page has been changing, its design has always remain minimalist and clean. Clarity score ranges between 62-76%, which indicates optimal clarity.

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